Premama Vitamin Drink Mix for Lactation Support

Like so many moms out there I have had struggles with nursing. I worry that I am not producing enough. I know taking daily vitamins can help and there are a lot of remedies out there. I struggle to swallow those large pills and sometimes they give me an upset stomach and I am not really sure they are helping with milk production.  I have added Premama’s Laction Support Drink to see if that makes a difference.

prod-lactation-boxI received product to facilitate this post.

What is Lactation Support?

If you have ever struggled with let down, or not having enough milk, then I am sure you have googled for hours trying to find safe ways to boost production. Lactation Support is herbs/vitamins that aid in boosting your body’s production. I am sure you have come across things like Fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herb that has long been used to increase milk supply Premama’s Lactation support uses Fenugreek with other herbs and vitamins but avoids the pill all together!

whats in it

No Pill to Swallow

I am not a pill person. Pills often get stuck in my throat and then I feel like I am choking. Premama is a drink mix! I use it mixed with just a bottle of water. It can also be added to smoothies, or any non-carbonated beverage.  I was so worried that it would be really gross or super sweet but I was surprised when I took my 1st sip.


Lactation Support Drink Mix

Premama’s Lacation support drink mix provides natural lactation support. It is formulated with Fennel Seed, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to help boost milk production but also includes Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Calcium for added breast milk nutrition. It’s even Gluten-free, non-GMO and vegetarian!

drink it

Drinking and My results

Mix Premama Lactation with at least 12oz of water, or with non-carbonated, flavored liquids such as juices or smoothies, I prefer mine in a water bottle well shaken. Then just drink up! I will tell you that since I wasn’t currently having any problem I was not sure that drinking Premama would make a difference for me. Generally when I nurse it take 3-5 minutes before my milk lets down, while there is nothing wrong with this it does mean Scarlett burns more calories just trying to eat.  Within just one dose my milk started letting down faster, after a few days my milk let down right away. I also found that the actual let down wasn’t nearly as painful.  My milk was boosted in just a few days and now I feel confidant Scarlett is eating more!  I am elated with my results! Here’s a little video I made for you!

Other Products and Where to Buy

Premama make drink mixes starting with when you are trying to conceive and ending with the Lactation

support. I wish I had know then I could have avoided those yucky prenatal vitamins that made me feel sick. You can request a sample here or download a coupon here! Today is Premama Lactation Supports big release day into 2,300 CVS Stores. Look for them there!

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