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Are you tired of packing school lunches for your kids yet? I know it is only the beginning of the school year but that daily chore can get tiresome. The secret that I found years ago has made packing school lunches easy and healthy. I use Thermos products for my kids’ school lunches.

I received product to facilitate this post.

The Thermos brand offers many different styles, sizes, and types of products to fit your exact need.

Star Wars Thermos Food Jars and Drink Bottles

Star Wars is very popular right now as we await the the Star Wars movie. Thermos offers an entire line of licensed Star Wars products and other licensed brands with their FUNtainer line.

My son uses the Star Wars FUNtainer hot food and the R2D2 FUNtainer bottle for fresh, cold water and drinks. This food jar would be perfect for kids, teens, and adults with the modern Star Wars design. You can buy the two Star Wars Funtainers as a set at a great price.

Hot school lunches with Thermos

My son keeps his R2D2 Thermos with him all day for cold water in his classroom. Many kids bring water bottles to school but the water gets warm and kids don’t think it. My son drinks water all day, refilling it at the fountain a couple times at school. I like knowing he is getting the recommended amount of water daily because of his cool Thermos bottle!

I provide a variety of hot meals for my kids with Thermos jars, mostly I send them to school with leftovers from the night before but also canned pastas like ravioli with fresh fruit on the side.

Hot school lunches with Thermos

Trendy Thermos Food Jars and Drink Bottles

Thermos has all the licensed character themes for girls too. My daughter wanted to be more sophisticated this year with the Thermos Foogo line. This line is good for young girls, teens, or adults because of the streamline style. She chose pink but it is available in a number of colors.

Her food jar allows her to enjoy her favorite foods like noodle soup, chili and pasta at lunch time.

Hot school lunches with Thermos

She has a matching Foogo drink bottle as well. She uses her drink bottle to fill it with fresh water everyday to go in her lunch box. I like that her drink stays cool while her food stays warm even though the two are in the same lunch box!

She has commented that her friends have told her that they want to eat her lunch!

You can even put items like chicken strips in the Thermos food jars.

Hot school lunches with Thermos

I’ve sent taco meat in my kids Thermos jars with sides of fresh lettuce and toppings for tacos.

What I like most about Thermos brand food jars:

  • My kids can have a hot lunch every day, without eating the not-so-delicious or healthy cafeteria lunches.
  • My kids enjoy a variety of foods every day including soups, stew, casserole, pasta, meats, etc. with my kids and I know that they will be warm and fresh for them at lunch time.
  • My kids eat healthier lunches at school everyday.  It is so much healthier and tastier than school lunches or cold cut sandwiches.
  • I save a lot of money. By utilizing leftovers from dinner the night before, I pay significantly less per meal when I pack hot food in Thermos food jars than if my kids bought the cafeteria lunches or prepackaged meals like Lunchables.

Last year, my friend was complaining that she doesn’t know what to send to school for her son’s lunch. She would send odd things like a dinner roll and olives because her son didn’t like peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat sandwiches. Her son hated his lunch everyday – and I didn’t blame him!

I told her how I use Thermos food jar and how easy it was to pack my kids’ lunches. She bought a Thermos food jar that week and reported back to me how much easier it is and how much he loves his lunches now. She couldn’t believe that she had never thought of it before or how easy it was.

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are right in front of you. If you are tired of trying to figure out what to pack for your kids’ school lunches or want a healthier option, start with a Thermos Food Jar, Pink and Thermos Funtainer Bottle.

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