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Who said school lunches had to be unhealthy, boring or laden with preservatives? Are you tired of contributing more plastic bags and waste to our already over-flowing landfills? Are you fed up with toxic containers that contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are known to wreak havoc on our kids’ precious bodies?

PlanetBox is a much healthier alternative that takes the guess work out of the mundane task of packing school lunches every morning.

PB OPEN EMPTY CONTAINERS LIDSI received product to facilitate this post.

School Lunches Made Easy with PlanetBox

This PlanetBox cool kit contains a 2-sided segmented box that is made of durable, lead-free stainless steel. The segments are kept together by a strong steel latch. Each compartment helps you to pack perfectly portioned courses. Even though the box is not insulated, and is not made for hot foods or liquids, it has a lot of great features to help with that.

I love the little extras included in this kit. There are two containers with silicone-lined lids, one big, one little. The Big Dipper: perfect for applesauce, pasta or yogurt. And the Little Dipper: great for dip, peanut butter or raisins.PB FULL MEAL OPEN

Does anyone else dread packing lunches because you’re out of healthy ideas? I’m no Martha Stewart and I’m not that creative. I have to copy what others come up with and I’m not good at planning meals. That battle is over. With a little searching, I found many healthy PlanetBox lunch ideas on their website as well as their Facebook page. Or, just do a search on Pinterest for “Planet Box Lunch Ideas”. You will never run out of healthy lunch options if you plan ahead.

PlanetBox Allows for Choices

I made our lunches simple, easy and balanced. We’ve all seen those perfectly planned and executed school lunches where Super Creative Mom must’ve spent all week planning to make it just right. As a busy Mom, I don’t have time to make flower-shaped ham and cheese bouquets with giraffe-shaped homemade fruit leather and skyscrapers fashioned out of cheese cubes.

My kids were very happy with the varied choices we made: Whole-grain bagel with cream cheese, meat sticks, carrots and ranch dip and strawberries that look like hearts. Hey, I had to do something a little creative!

They were also relieved that it wasn’t the same old thing. They get tired of peanut butter and jelly, chips and a cheese stick all of the time. This has helped me vary their diets as well as keep them healthy. My son starts high school this year. School lunches are too expensive. We will utilize this kit to help him eat better choices that will hopefully give him better energy, stamina and concentration.

Easy Clean-up

Clean-up is a cinch with the PlanetBox. PB DISHWASHERI opened it up, tossed inedible leftover food into the compost bin, gave it a quick rinse and threw it in the dishwasher. Because these are made of stainless steel, they are dishwasher safe and they can be gently washed with regular soap, water and a sponge.

Customized lunch box

Think stainless steel is boring? Planet Box comes with these nifty perfectly-sized magnets that attach to each segment of the outside of the box for an extra fun and colorful touch. Ours has an outer space theme with planets, spaceships and aliens which is perfect for my space cadet 15 year-old high school freshman.


PlanetBox Carry Bag

The box fits snugly into the durable, upcycled carry bag that is fashioned out of 100% recycled fibers from plastic bottles! The bag can be carried by the handle or by the included adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is not coated with any stain-resistant or anti-microbial chemicals that could be toxic. Why would you want this close to your child’s food anyway?

PB 1 CLOSED CASEThe outside of the bag contains a cinched pocket that is perfect for holding a small juice box or water bottle. There is also a handy Velcro pouch perfect for holding a napkin, wet wipe or the Big Dipper container. The carry bag can be spot cleaned with soap and water or completely submerged in hot soapy water and then air dried.

Inside of the cozy case, there is a mesh pocket used for holding the ColdKit ice pack that can be covered in a poly-blend sleeve to prevent leaky condensation. Healthier fresh options need to be kept cold so this is a very nice feature that they’ve included. There are also two elastic slots to hold the brushed stainless steel fork & spoon set that are included. No more packing plasticware that only makes its way into the landfill.

Buy PlanetBox for your kids

PlanetBox offers a limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, buy it online. These durable well-made carriers will outlast the cheap plastic models that you find yourself replacing every year. Their products are certified to be safe from lead, phthalates and BPA.

Here’s to non-stressful, healthy and planet-saving school day mornings with PlanetBox!

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