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Quercetin Energy review

With school back in session, our schedules are busier than ever with an increasingly busy schedule and to-do lists.  It doesn’t take long to feel drained. Do you need extra energy like me?!

Don’t be tempted to increase your coffee intake or start drinking artificial energy drinks.  I’ve just started drinking the natural Quercetin Energy this school year and feeling good about it.

Quercetin EnergyThis is a sponsored post.

Quercetin Energy for Natural Energy, Health, & Performance

We have to be careful about what we consume to get the energy we need to power through our busy schedules. Many energy drinks are full of harmful chemicals that aren’t good for us.

So, what makes Quercetin Naturally Awesome powders unique from other ‘energy drinks’ is that it utilizes quercetin, a natural source of energy. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine sourced from fruits and veggies. It is totally natural, making it a healthy choice for energy, health, and performance enhancement.Quercetin Energy

This product comes in a variety of travel-ready single-serving packets that you add to water. The water bottle comes with a spring that helps keep the powder mixed well in the bottle. That being said, I’ve used the packets in water and just stirred it and it dissolved well.

We all need vitamin supplements, especially when it comes to Vitamin D. The majority of people are Vitamin D deficient, this deficiency is linked to many health problems. I love that I’m getting 60% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D in one easy drink. Studies show that Quercetin Naturally Awesome drinks help increase immune system performance, which will be very handy with upcoming cold and flu season.

Quercetin Energy

What I really like about Quercetin Naturally Awesome product is that it is a tasty way for me to consume more water while adding nutrients to my diet in a tasty way. It gives me more energy in the afternoon to keep me from reaching for a soda or cup of coffee.  I don’t have the sugar crash later either!

If you want to add a natural product to help you conquer your busy day, I suggest giving Quercetin Naturally Awesome a try. You can purchase Quercetin Naturally Awesome in a number of flavors and sizes on their website and on Amazon.com.

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