Recipes that Won’t Heat Up the House

The dog days of Summer are around the corner. It is time to find recipes that won’t heat up the house! This includes grilled pizza and no-bake treats. I’ll be sharing a couple delicious options below using ingredients I received for this review.

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Grilled Pizza Night

We enjoy family pizza night several times a month. This Summer, we will be grilling our pizza. Grilled pizza is a fun and easy dinner option that both adults and kids love – without heating up the kitchen!  I’d rather grill or bake dinner than slave over a hot stove anytime!

DSCN1252For us, family pizza night is a full of family fun. My daughter usually likes to help me make the pizza crust. She primary likes to mix up the ingredients.  My son likes to get his hands messy kneading and playing with the crust. We’ve even been to restaurants where they give kids pizza crust to play with like play-doh, have you?

Think outside of pepperoni! Check out Fleischmann’s pizza recipes for thin crust, thick crust, and grilled pizzas for adults and kids. Try the Chicken & Spinach Alfredo for adults and BBQ Chicken for kids. Kids and adults alike will love these hearty and flavorful pizzas. My family is quite adventurous in the food department, including pizza. My kids will eat most anything, only picking off onions usually. 🙂

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I started using Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast about 10 years ago when I started learning more about baking, before I became a mom. Now that I have 2 kids, I like to use Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast because it is easy to use and I can provide my family healthier meals when made from scratch.

Using Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast for pizza crust is easy, plus it is healthier and more affordable than buying pre-made crusts. If you’ve never made homemade pizza dough, don’t be intimidated. It’s so simply, just add water, salt, and flour to Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast  and knead. You don’t even have to let it rise. Just roll it out and make your pizza crust. You can really get creative too by making the crusts into different shapes like heart shaped pizza crust for Valentine’s Day, animals, numbers for birthdays and other shapes and sizes, just for fun. If your family likes thin, thick, or hand tossed – you can do that too. Add your favorite toppings for your family’s favorite pizza. Oh, and if you want to get extra creative, you can add flavors to the pizza crust too.

Tonight, I made the BLT Grilled Pizza recipe. This recipe is easy to make and a hit for adults and kids.

BLT Grilled Pizza Recipe
BLT Grilled Pizza Recipe

I like to grill as much as possible all year long, but especially during hot summers! We use both an outdoor charcoal grill and our Kenyon Indoor Grill  for healthy foods that are fun and easy to make. I really like how the grill cooks pizza crust, it tastes amazing and is so quick to cook – just 6-8 minutes. Plus, it doesn’t heat up my house!

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P1060943Making pizza as a family is a really easy and fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen.  Studies show that kids who help prepare their food, eat healthier and eat more fruits and vegetables than kids who don’t. Teach them young! We use the Curious Chef kids kitchen utensils so that kids can do practically everything in the kitchen, safely – even cutting up lettuce for the pizza.

Once the crust is grilled 1/2 way, we add toppings. For this recipe, my kids helped add the bacon, cheese, and tomatoes.  Then, I placed it back on the grill for a few minutes.  Before serving, we added the lettuce.

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We all enjoyed the BLT Grilled Pizza Recipe and will make it again for family pizza night!

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No-Bake Treats

I do most of my baking in the cooler months but my family still wants treats in the Summer. For the Summer, I make a lot of no-bake treats like these Karo Syrup no-bake treats recipes.

One of my son’s favorite parts of second grade was when his teacher gave them dirt to eat. He loves to tell people this. In fact, it was a dirt and yummy worm recipe. I found the Worms & Dirt Cereal Bar Treats recipe on the Karo Syrup website and knew I had to try it. What better way to start Summer off than these yummy treats? Kids love things that look gross but taste yummy.

Worms & Dirt Cereal Bar Treats recipe
Worms & Dirt Cereal Bar Treats Recipe

The Worms & Dirt Cereal Bar Treats are perfect for Summer picnics, potlucks, parties, or any gathering with kids. They are so easy to make too.

[slickr-flickr tag=makingwormbars

Simply melt the corn syrup with the chocolate chips, then stir in cereal and cookie pieces. Stir in some of the gummy worms, reserving a few wiggling ones for the top of the bars. I have my kids help me with all parts of recipes that don’t involve heat of cooking. They enjoy breaking up the cookies, and stirring in the ingredients. They feel proud that they made the food, especially when we take the treats to friends and family.

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