Romantic Rose Shaped Food Video Roundup

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Nothing is more romantic than roses for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and romantic occasions…except for maybe romantic rose shaped food. How does the old proverb go? Cooking food for a man is a good way to win his affections.  With these delicious looking recipes, I think that applies to everyone!

I actually created this Chocolate Covered Bacon Roses video for our local Acme Fresh Market.

I’m so excited to work with them to share my creative and delicious recipes using Acme Fresh Market food (often store brand) to their audience. This is the ultimate rose shaped food recipe that men, women, and children will adore!! You can’t go wrong with bacon and chocolate! Here is my step-by-step bacon bouquet tutorial too.

Side dishes can be difficult to make look romantic but not these Potato Roses! How lovely! You could even make these for a special 50th anniversary parties when prepared in advance. What a lovely touch!

Here is another Crispy Potato Rose side dish that acts more like an appetizer.

This Stuffed Roses recipe is stuffed with vegetables and chicken for a rose shaped entree!

Another delicious entree to experiment with is this Rose Shaped Eggplant Parmigiana.

What guy (or gal) wouldn’t love Pizza roses?

With a little patience and skill, you can create Vegetable Roses as a side or garnish.

Don’t forget rose shaped dinner rolls!

If you are serving Mexican cuisine, how about an Avocado Rose?

The only thing better than breakfast in bed is Rose Shaped French Toast!

Rose Shaped Donuts are another sweet morning treat!

This Apple Roses Tart is super easy to prepare and so adorable. It would make the perfect little dessert for any romantic occasion. It is also the perfect size to give as a gift to friends and family. I especially like to reach out to people that lost their love this time of year with a little treat.

Or, if you are feeding a crowd, how about this Baked Apple Rose Tart? This would be perfect to serve to your family.

Perhaps you’d like to add an Ice Cream Rose on top of that tart!

This is a great DIY on Rose Shaped Ice Cream.

How about rose cake pops?

Many people reach for chocolate covered strawberries for romantic occasions, how about rose shaped strawberries?! You could still dip the bottoms in chocolate after removing the stem.

Or, go over the top with these Chocolate Strawberry Roses.

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