Root Beer Floats for Everyone on National Root Beer Float Day!

Is there anything better than a Root Beer Float in the summer? It is a treat nobody can pass up.

The A&W website has some really good Root Beer Float recipes that you can try this summer.  I stick with the Original Root Beer Float recipe (subbing out the original with diet version).  I’m sure my kids wouldn’t complain if I switched it up with the Brownie Sundae Root Beer Float recipe!

When my kids were diagnosed with type one diabetes, we thought Root Beer Floats were a thing of the past! Then we learned that with type one diabetes, you can eat anything other people can but you have to take insulin with it – there are no restrictions on food. However, fast-acting soft drinks are out because it raises the blood sugar levels very quickly.

We were so thrilled when we first tasted A&W Diet Root Beer!!! It taste like original root beer but without the sugar and carbs. My family can now enjoy family night with Root Beer Floats like the rest of the world again!

You have no idea how exciting it was when we discovered the great tasting A&W Diet Root Beer and how it opened up the opportunity to have this quintessential summer treat as a family.  As with any dessert, we make Root Beer Floats a treat. Sometimes we have it after a full day of outside chores. Other times we enjoy it when we get home after a 10 mile bike ride on the Bike and Hike trail. Other times, we enjoy it during movie night.  Root Beer Floats make everything extra special – when else can you combine ice cream with the fizzy greatness of root beer?

If it has been a long time since you enjoyed a Root Beer Float, I suggest you pick a root beer float recipe and try it with your family this summer. Whether you stick with the original recipe or try something adventurous, be sure to use A&W Root Beer as the main ingredient for the classic taste your memories are made of!

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