Safe Eggs for Everyone!

Safe Eggs for Everyone

I love the lazy mornings of Summer, don’t you? I like not being rushed in the morning and so do my kids because I have more time to make a hot breakfast. This morning we had French Toast, nothing fancy but my kids get excited every time I make it. I use a lot of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, milk, and Davidson’s Safe Eggs. Add a few berries on top and there is little need for syrup.

Davidsons Safe Eggs French Toast

I received product to facilitate this pot.

My kids really enjoy over-easy too. They like to dip their toast in the runny yoke but over-easy eggs aren’t recommended for kids, so my kids never were able to enjoy their eggs over easy until we were introduced to Davidson’s Safest Choice.


With Davidson’s, you can serve your kids eggs with yoke or any other way you wish because Davidson’s eggs are pasteurized. Pasteurized eggs look, taste, and cook like ordinary, un-pasteurized eggs but are safe, no matter how you serve them.

Davidson’s Safest Choice eggs are pasteurized by using warm water to heat the eggs at the exact temperature needed to destroy all bacteria without cooking the eggs. Plus, since each egg has 17,000 tiny pores, they add a thin layer of food-grade wax to protect against cross contamination as well as extended shelf life of over 2 months.

Since my son is Type 1 Diabetic, we eat eggs a LOT in many ways – hard boiled, deviled, fried, and scrambled because it is a zero carb meal or snack anytime!  It is a great source of protein for everyone and at a good price too.

Another reason I choose Davidson’s Safe Eggs is because if you have diabetes, you are at higher risk of foodborne illness. Why risk that? Davidson’s Eggs are Safe for Everyone!

Now, my kids can have their eggs over-easy or even in a bite of raw cookie dough or brownie mix without the fear of salmonella!


If you also enjoy eggs, find a fantastic assortment of recipes with eggs at the center stage on the Davidson’s Safe Eggs website.

You can find Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs all over the Akron, Ohio area including Giant Eagle, Heinen’s, and Buehler’s. Find the nearest location near you.

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