Pack Skinny Salamis for Healthy Snack Anywhere

Skinny Salamis healthy snack review

We all want to eat healthy, especially on-the-go. Kids need healthy snacks after school to tie them over until dinner while athletes need fuel to push through practice and the game.  Need it to be gluten-free? Nut-free? Skinny Salamis is all of this and more. My family loves the fresh and satisfying flavors that Skinny Salamis has to offer.Skinny Salamis healthy snack review

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Skinny Salamis offers healthy snacks to go

I’ve found that the warmer months make it even more difficult to provide healthy snacks for my family. I love that I can pack Skinny Salamis without the worry of anything spoiling or melting in the heat.  I keep a couple packs in my car for my famished kids after sports practice or school.

My son keeps some with him in his hiking/camping bag whenever he goes out to play in the woods. I’d rather he snack on delicious, healthy meat sticks than junk food.

Skinny Salamis camping hiking snack

We even pack them with us when we take a hike at a nearby park in our SPIbelt. They easily fit in any belt bag or small purse. No worries about smashing them like you would crackers or other snacks. This is the most portable snack that will not only satisfy you or your kids desire to snack while out on a hike, exercising, or sightseeing but will really satisfy your hunger with the power of protein!

Skinny Salamis in Spibelt

It can be very difficult to find a snack that is gluten free and nut free. I keep these on hand for when my kids have friends come over that make have these allergies. I find it surprising how many kids have never had a ‘meat-snack’ before. They always LOVE it and ask their mom to buy it for them.

I started serving my family meat snacks Skinny Salamis mostly when my kids were diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. It is a low or zero-carb snack that my kids can eat anytime of day without need a shot of insulin. That is a HUGE benefit of Skinny Salamis – basically everyone can enjoy this healthy snack without health concerns like sugar, nut allergies, or gluten…

Skinny Salamis healthy snack review

I love that this snack is high in protein while still very low in calories.  It makes it a diet-friendly snack too.

Skinny Salamis healthy snack review

Unlike other meat snacks, Skinny Salamis is a healthy product. Their products are made in small batches of highest quality meats – raised without antibiotics or added hormones!  It is slow cured to perfect flavors. There are six flavors in all so far using Duroc Pork, Black Angus Beef, and All-Natural Lamb.

Skinny Salamis healthy snack review

Whether you are looking for a healthy snack for you or your kids, pick up a few packs of Skinny Salamis today to have on hand for after-school snacks, snacks for after sports practice, snacks for traveling, snacks for hiking & camping, or just a healthy snack at home. You can buy them on the Skinny Salamis website and You’re gonna love them!

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