Add Festive Flavor to your Baking with SMITH’S Eggnog

A Christmas or holiday gathering isn’t complete without delicious SMITH’S Premium Eggnog.  You have have already noticed that it is now available throughout the region for all your family gatherings, parties, and even for baking, and enjoying at home.

We enjoy SMITH’S Eggnog every year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. It is a festive drink that is special this time of year that the whole family can enjoy. I always look forward to it. We make it a special treat and drink it out of our moose mugs – kids love it and know that it is extra special! Moose Mug holding EggNog
A pair of Moose Mugs holding SMITH’S Eggnog

I’ve never really thought about the origins of eggnog, I just pick it up at my local store this time of year. I just learned that nobody really knows the exact origins of eggnog either. It was quite possibly a medieval England drink known as posset, a hot milk beverage.  Plus, in the Middle Ages, mike and eggs were expensive so it was a drink of the aristocracy until the 17th century.  Remember than when you sip on your eggnog this holiday season – and impress people at the next Christmas party with your wealth of knowledge!

SMITH’S Eggnog
SMITH’S Eggnog

Baking with SMITH’S Eggnog

Have you ever baked or cooked with the rich, creamy eggnog? It makes everything turn out rich, moist and delicious. For many recipes, you can substitute water or milk with SMITH’S Eggnog to make any recipe more festive.

The SMITH’S website is full of delicious SMITH’S recipes for the entire year, including holiday and Christmas favorites. There are recipes right on the SMITH’S Premium Eggnog carton.  SMITH’S Premium Eggnog is ultra-pasteurized so it will stay fresh for an extended time. You can use it and then reseal it for the next time – no need to finish it off at the same time – although you certainly can. 🙂

The below festive recipes are sure to become quick favorites for every Christmas holiday season. Check out each recipe on the post links below:

SMITH’S Eggnog Spice Cake Recipe

SMITH’S Holiday Eggnog Bundt Cake with Cranberry-Pecan Recipe

SMITH’S Eggnog Pancakes Recipe

SMITH’S  Recipes courtesy of SMITH’S.

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Buy SMITH’S Eggnog

You can buy SMITH’S Premium Eggnog for around $2.99 – $3.39 throughout the region.  Not sure if SMITH’S Eggnog is in your area? Call 800-776-7076  to find out.


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to SMITH’S who provided the recipes and products for review.

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