Stop suffering with IBS with The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide

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One of the top 5 reasons people see a doctor is related to IBS. IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and affects 15-20% of the population. Understanding and treating IBS can be confusing. The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide provides you with up to date information on underlying causes, symptoms, treatments, meal plans, and over 100 recipes that are IBS safe.

picture of The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide
The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide

Although there is no “cure” for IBS, this book gives you the tools to treat the symptoms, especially through diet. Knowing what foods are safe and which foods to avoid, and good alternatives to those foods. When you suffer with IBS, any meal can turn into a painful experience. Knowing the foods that are safe can lead you to a happier life. This book gives you great recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, even for vegans and veterinarians.

Do you have IBS?

The best way to know if your symptoms are IBS is to keep track of them and discuss them with your doctor. IBS symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain – crampy, pain that is relieved by defecation or passing gas
  • Constipation – having altered bowel habits going between constipation and diarrhea
  • Diarrhea – increased watery stools
  • Bloating & abdominal distention – feeling full and looking “pregnant”
  • Mimickers – having other medical conditions with similar symptoms
  • Non intestinal symptoms – chronic headaches, backaches, depression, anxiety

IBS Recipes

Why do you need special IBS recipes? Well, may people suffering with IBS avoid foods that make their symptoms worse. When this happens, it may lead to nutrient deficiencies. Knowing proper foods to eat, what to avoid, and what foods to use in replacement of those avoided foods. The recipes in The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide are designed to give you at least the minimum # of servings from the USDA’s MyPyramid.

Below is a sampling of recipes for Breakfast food good for IBS

  • Oatmeal
  • Cheddar and Chard Omelets
  • Smoked Salmon Frittata
  • Ham and Cheese Crepes
  • Oatmeal Banana Pancakes
  • Potato Latkes with Cilantro Sour Cream Topping
  • French Toast
  • Banana Blueberry Muffins
  • Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins
  • Banana Loaf

Below is a sampling of recipes for Snacks  good for IBS

  • Spinach Dip
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Mini Burgers
  • Crab Cakes
  • Shrimp and Roasted Red Pepper Quesadillas

Below is a sampling of recipes for Soups good for IBS

  • Cream of Celery Soup with Homemade Croutons
  • Beef Noodle Soup
  • Quinoa Vegetable Soup

Below is a sampling of recipes for Meat and Poultry that are good for IBS

  • Ginger Beef
  • Beef Stew
  • Savory Stewed Pork
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Classic Meatloaf
  • Chicken with Saffron Rice
  • Stuffed Turkey Patties

Below is a sampling of recipes for Vegetarian Entrees  good for IBS

  • Parsnip risotto
  • Vegetarian quiche
  • Vegetarian teriyaki stir fry
  • Tofu vegetarian pilaf

Below is a sampling of recipes for Pasta, Noodles and Pizza  good for IBS

  • Pasta with chicken and prosciutto
  • Linguine with clam sauce
  • Shrimp tomato pasta
  • Pad Thai
  • Vegetable Backed Pasta
  • Florentine Pizza

Below is a sampling of recipes for Vegetables and Side Dishes good for IBS

  • Vegetable rice
  • Baby Bok Choy
  • Dijon mashed potatoes
  • Spinach rice

Below is a sampling of recipes for Desserts that are good for IBS

  • Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
  • Lemon Bars
  • Pumpkin pie
  • lemon lime sorbet

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Robert Rose who provided the products for review.

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