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We love the taste and 0 carbs of the natural Truvia sweetener year-round but especially while celebrating the upcoming holidays. Truvia is a special kind of sweet. They are on a mission to give you a sweet start to every day even more so now with their inspirational sayings on Truvia packets!

How fun is this?!

Truvia sweet

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You can find the new sweet phrases on individual packets of Truvia in their 30-, 40-, 80-, 140- and 240-count boxes. There are 66 unique sayings that are sure to sweeten up your day – their goal is to create one billion moments of joy. There is no better timing that this upcoming holiday season to do this!  How sweet are you? Take the Truvia Natural Sweetener Interactive Quiz here. I took the quiz and found out that I was purely sweet. Nice! 🙂

Truvia Sweet Quiz

Like I said, we use Truvia every day as a simple replacement of sugar. Since my kids are type one diabetics, we try to cut carbs wherever we can – naturally. Truvia makes it easy to make lower carb desserts, drinks, and more.  If you want to switch to a healthy alternative to sugar, I highly recommend it, especially during the upcoming holiday season.I use Truvia to sweeten coffee of all kinds – hot, iced, and frozen! I keep the Spoonable container on my counter or use their packets for sweetening drinks.

Truvia has a lot of great recipes on their website that you should check out – although you can make anything that you normally make with sugar the same with Truvia.  They have a great Blended Iced Coffee on their website that is just 6 grams of carbohydrates per serving. I like to add a little whipped cream and chocolate to top it off.

Their Lemon Iced Tea is a crowd-pleaser too all year round.

I also bake with Truvia’s Cane Sugar Blend and Brown Sugar Blend – it cuts 75% of calories and reduces carbs!  It bakes really well and nobody can tell the difference. Learn more about baking with Truvia with my previous post.

I hope that you have a very sweet and enjoyable holiday season. You can make it even sweeter and healthier with Truvia products. Be sure to pick up some packets to brighten up you and your holiday guests’ season with the inspirational quotes too. Truvia is available nationwide at retailers and on Amazon.com.

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