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Do you enjoy grilled food like I do? Doesn’t everything taste better when grilled? Not to mention being healthier! What if you could have grilled food year-round, without running outside to a smokey grill in the rain, snow, and heat? With Kenyon Custom, you can install an indoor grill in your kitchen. Kenyon Custom offers an array of electric grills that are portable or built-in. Whether you choose to take it with you on a camping trip or install it in your kitchen, you can enjoy delicious grilled food all year long without the hassles and dangers associated with gas or charcoal grills.

Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons™ Electric Indoor Grill Review

We decided to install the Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons Electric Indoor Grill into our new kitchen. We thought a lot about whether we wanted to take up the counter space (only 21″ x 12″) and about how often we would actually use an indoor grill. We just were not sure. After using it for the past couple months, we can honestly say it was one of the decisions we have made!

We placed the Kenyon indoor grill next to two Kenyon Custom Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktops, which we absolutely love. I will blog the about the cooktops later this week. The combination of the two Kenyon Custom products really makes my new kitchen a dream kitchen.

picture of My Kenyon Custom Grill & Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktops
My Kenyon Custom Indoor Grill & Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktops

This indoor grill has changed our entire cooking habits. We also have a charcoal outdoor grill, it takes at least 30-40 minutes for it to warm up. Before that, we had a gas grill that always had the ability to run out of fuel in the middle of preparing dinner – especially during a party. We like the taste of grilled food but hardly used it and only when it was warm weather. So, we weren’t sure how often we would use the built-in grill.

We use our Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons Built-In Electric Indoor Grill almost daily!

We cook everything on our indoor grill, chicken, steak, shrimp, burgers, chops, veggies – you name it!

picture of Cooking large T-Bone Steaks on Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons Electric Grill
Cooking large T-Bone Steaks on Indoor Grill
picture of Cooking Chicken Burgers on Kenyon Custom Electric Grill
Cooking Chicken Burgers on Indoor Grill

The grill delivers a juicy, flavorful meal in minutes. It heats up within a couple minutes after pressing the digital touch control to turn on and for heat settings.  I don’t have to wait on my husband to heat up the grill anymore! Another added benefit for me is that my husband is helping more in the kitchen because he enjoys grilling food. 🙂

picture of Grilling Steak in my Kitchen!
Grilling Steak on our indoor grill.

One concern about installing an indoor grill in my kitchen was the smoke. This has proven not to be an issue with the Kenyon Custom electric indoor grill. There is actually a concealed electric element that eliminates grease flare-ups so you don’t have to worry about flames or smoke. The little smoke that does built is easily dissipated with our BEST Island Range Hood.

There are so many health benefits to grilling your foods. With the convenience of having a grill in your kitchen, you are much more likely to use it. I’ll be discussing health benefits of grilling and why Kenyon Custom grills are the best in a future post. Plus, I’ll share with you my favorite grilling recipes on the Kenyon grill.

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Buy Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons Electric Indoor Grill

You can buy a Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons Electric Indoor Grill for $1125. Find a dealer near you. There are no dealers in Akron, Ohio, the closest ones are in PA near Youngstown, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.

Would you install an Indoor Grill into your kitchen?

Comment below to tell me if you would consider installing an indoor grill into your kitchen and why.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kenyon Custom who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at www.kenyonappliances.com

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