Woops! French Macarons Now Available Online

Who can resist French macarons? There is no dessert quite like a delicate meringue-based sandwich cookie that has a crisp, crackly exterior and a soft, slightly chewy filling on the inside. Let alone how gorgeous they look and the amazing flavor combinations!

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Woops! French Macarons Review

I am so excited to tell you about Woops! French Macarons. This small business is sending delightful French macarons all around the country and started out as just 4 friends in New York City that decided to rent out a pop-up shop to sell their beloved macarons. 9 weeks later and they had lines out the door! Now, you can enjoy their French macarons anytime you want – no waiting in lines either! Woops! ships nationwide and are perfect for that special treat for your family, family get together, parties, gifting, and they make awesome corporate gifts too.

Woops! come in very giftable boxes in a variety of different sizes and themes – so you can give the gift of the best macarons outside of Paris to anyone special to you – anywhere – anytime. It was so exciting to open our Woops! box. I waited until my teens came home from school to open because I knew they would be excited. My daughter and her friends love to go to a little shop in Hudson for macarons. It’s a special treat that they have only every once in a while. So, when my daughter saw an entire box of gorgeous looking French macarons, you can imagine how excited she was! If you haven’t visited Paris or tried macarons before, let me tell you what you are missing out on! Woops! is right up there with any I’ve tasted from other locations across the country – they are divine. What makes these little sandwich cookies different than anything I’ve tasted is the texture.  The cookie part is made of meringue and almond flour. I don’t have a lot of experience baking with either but I know that it is a science. It is something that makes good macarons hard to make for the common baker. The technique to make French macarons is very difficult to – there is no forgiveness in this bake. The exterior of a good macaron has a smooth surface that is dry and a little crackly on the edges. Under the crust, the cookie should be light and a little chewy but still soft.The inside of the cookie can be filled with many fillings. Woops! offers an almost endless variety of cookie and filling flavors including strawberry, raspberry, dark chocolate, vanilla, nutella, red velvet, cookies & cream, caramel fleu de sel, rose, honey lavender, lemon tart, and more.The four friends that started Woops! “witnessed the power that a box of French macarons can have in making anyone feel joyful and cared for, and how our sweets could help spread love and light up someone’s day.” We are so glad that they took their passion to give so many joy and that it is a nationwide business that delivers that joy to everyone – not just NYC or Paris!

Surprise your family, party attendees or gift the gift of the best French macarons by ordering a special box today on the Woops! website and just wait for the reaction of excitement and smiles to follow.

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