A Unique Way to Hold onto a Pregnancy Milestone

When we decide to have one last baby I was elated and terrified. I knew it was the last time I would have to cope with morning sickness, the time I would feel the flutter of baby movement in my belly, the last time my body would carry another life. I was sad sometimes and relieved others. The pivotal moment for me this time was hearing Scarlett’s heartbeat.

pink heart beat bear
Looks like a regular stuffed animal, but it’s a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear!

I received product in exchange for this post.

One Small Heart, One Big Beat

When we found out we were pregnant with Scarlett the math didn’t add up. So when we saw the doctor we expected to see a fetus, alas there wasn’t one. Just a sack and no fetal pole.  We thought we were 8 plus weeks, so after several days of blood test they finally agreed that I must not be as far along. Having had a miscarriage in the past I was hesitant to be excited. At my next visit we had a fetus and she was moving an grooving, but hearing her heartbeat put me at peace. It’s a sound I will never forget. They sound of joy. A sound I wanted to keep forever. So later on in my pregnancy I did, with a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.

Heartbeat bear Scarlett

Part Stuffed Animal, Part Cherished Milestone

At my  3d Ultrasound the offered these adorable stuffed animals. At first I though how cute, I bet I will have a million just like these in the coming year. I was wrong, the bear is extra special. While we were there they pulled out this red plastic heart and recorded Scarlett’s heart beat. It was so easy, flip the switch and pres the heart to record, flip the switch back so nothing can record over it. Then she opened our little pink bear and placed it inside tightened the drawstring and Velcro it up! Scarlett is now 10 months old and we use her heart beat bear to help her transition into sleep time! I wish I would have known then that Scarlett was going to take a liking to foxes because this one is ADORABLE! Take a look at my little video of our My Baby’s Heartbeat bear.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Options

After having our own bear I knew this would be  one of my top picks for baby shower gifts. Low and behold my friends are having babies too! I knew this would be a perfect gift for an recent baby shower so I went to their website and selected what I thought would be a perfect fit. This adorable puppy! I loved that you could get accessories, I wanted this little puppy to be dapper so I picked out a bow tie for him. He arrived in an adorable box with easy to understand instructions. All I had to do was wrap him up and I am baby shower ready!

Heart beat puppy

My Baby’s Heart Beat Bear Facts

  • Recording can be made at any doctors appointment. We did ours at BabyWaves an (authorized retailer) and loved our experience!
  • Recording is 20 seconds long and will play for a full 20 seconds unless pressed again. How to Video Here!
  • Forgot to bring the heart with you to you appointment? No worries record it on your phone and record when you get home!
  • There are replaceable batteries in the heart and the recording will remain even while replacing batteries.
  • There are 16 different animal options and 2 different size animals.
  • Not just for heart beats. Maybe you are adopting a baby you could put a 20 second message for him or her!
  • Want to add more then one heart? Not a problem you can order them on their own!

Enter To Win Your Own My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear!

My Baby’s heartbeat bear has kindly offered to giveaway one of their animals to one of our wonderful readers! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below! Good Luck!
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