DisplayIt3D, a Unique Way to Display Your Dimensional Treasures!

With so many special treasures from the kids I have a difficult time deciding how to display some of the special trinkets we seem to collect here in the house.  Do you have the same problem?  Every time I am at the big local craft stores I look to see what frames or display unit I could possibly use but I always come up empty handed!

T-boy has been playing baseball for the past couple of years and this year being in the next level things got a little more serious.  We had kid pitchers, fancy helmets and batting gloves….yes, I thought they were a bit much for 8 year olds but I gave in when I saw T-boy’s eyes light up when he tried them on.

At the end of the season the wonderful coaches gave each of the boys on the team a baseball with their stats from the season and a little note from them which was amazing and T-boy was so proud of this special keepsake baseball.  Now with this super special baseball I had no idea how I was going to protect it from getting into the hands of J-Girl and out of the mouths of the pups!  I finally found a display frame that holds dimensional objects! Yes, DisplayIt3D came to the rescue and cured my displaying woes.

The DisplayIt3D frame proudly displaying T-boy's special baseball on the mantle for everyone to see!

DisplayIt3D SLIMLINE  3-D Rotating Frame by  Z-Access™

With the Z-Access™ Display Frame, showcased treasures can be seen and felt from a variety of angles, while staying safely protected from moisture, dust and fingerprints – an interactive display experience display cases made with rigid glass or acrylic can’t offer! What sets the Z-Access™ Display Frame apart from traditional frames, display cases and shadow boxes, is its clear flexible frame inserts which gently conform around objects placed between them. The puncture-resistant, dual inserts fit securely within the hinged frame enabling treasured objects of virtually any shape, to be suspended in full view. Don’t let those treasured life memories stay tucked away another day, proudly share them with your family and friends by prominently displaying them in the Z-Access™ Display Frame!

DisplayIt3D Frame Features:

  • The Z-Access™ Display Frame is available in three styles; 6” x 4” Stand Alone 3-D Display Frame, 6” x 4” SLIMLINE  3-D Rotating Frame, 6” x 4” EXECUTIVE Rotating Frame-in-Frame
  • Injection molded using a unique and stylish composite resin
  • Large display area which holds both 3D or flat items
  • Made in the USA
  • Removable base can be placed so frame can be displayed horizontally or vertically
  • Plastic Film inserts can be replaced if they become stretched or torn
  • Unique solution to store, protect and view keepsakes

How does the DisplayIt3D frame work?

I wasn’t so sure I would be able to figure out how to place T-boys keepsake baseball into the frame but with just 6 easy steps it was in the SLIMLINE  3-D Rotating Frame ready to go on our mantle for everyone to see!

Loading the Slimline Rotating Frame-in-A-Frame with Base

Buy DisplayIt3D Frames

Please visit the Z-Access website to learn more about their amazing DisplayIt3D products, order frames and get some ideas for other objects you can place in the frame for every room in your home.  Great Christmas gift idea!!  You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Win a SLIMLINE  3-D Rotating Frame  (Closed)

Updated: 10-8-11 Winner Announced: Renee Walters

Z-Access is offering you the a chance to win a Slimline 3-D rotating frame! ($25.00 value)

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Z-Access/DisplayIt3D who supplied the products for review and giveaway.

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