Inspire Kids Imaginations with Kidorable: A Review

picture of Elijah under Kidorable Frog Umbrella

If you are looking for fun gifts for kids that are also practical, you need to check out Kidorable.  Kidorable has an extensive line of products for boys and girls that inspire imaginations and fun! Choose from rain boots, rain coats, hooded towels, gloves, backpacks, and more in fun kid designs!

Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots

My daughter would live in her Mermaid Rain Coat if she could, she loves it. Each and every time she wears it, we get many, many compliments on it. I kid you not! She loves the attention for sure. We just recently received the Mermaid Rain Boots to match. Kidorable is all about details and fun. Even the top of the rain boots are lined with purple in a curvy design, just for fun. The designs on the boots are unique on each boot too, Kidorable boots are extraordinary in style.

picture of Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots
Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots

I love that Kidorable has a whole line of products that match eachother. You can mix and match styles or get the entire line of matching accessories such as umbrellas, boots, raincoats, towels, backpacks, and even some bedroom decor. Doesn’t Elizabeth look adorable with her matching Kidorable Mermaid Rain Coat and Rain Boots?

picture of Splashing in puddles with Kidorable Mermaid Boots
Splashing in puddles with Kidorable Mermaid Boots

Kidorable products are made very well to withstand wear and tear kids put on products. I like a product that my kids can wear and still be active, playful kids in them! Sure, her rain boots were getting wet and even a little muddy in the picture below but look at that smile! She loved every minute of it and her feet stayed dry! I just wiped them off with a cloth and they were good as new.

Kidorable Mermaid Boots are made of natural rubber and available in sizes My  First (size 5), children’s sizes 6-13, plus young adult sizes 1 and 2.

Kidorable Ladybug Towel

My kids love bathtime and what makes bathtime even more fun? A super-fun hooded towel. Kidorable offers hooded towel in 2 sizes (newborn – 2 and size 3-6) for boys and girls. My son has always been amazed by dinosaurs and loves his Kidorable Dinosaur Towel. Elizabeth has a variety of interests, one of which is ladybugs. The Kidorable Ladybug Towel is just perfect for her. When the Kidorable towels are wrapped about your cutie, the full design is revealed.

Made of absorbent cotton, there is no detail left out. There are cute antennas on top with eyes on the hood and all the spots securely sewn onto the towel. There’s even a snap to keep the towel closed. My 4 year old loves it when she gets out of the bath and puts on her towel. I always say, “Hi ladybug, where is my Elizabeth? Did you see where she went?” She always giggles, takes off the hood and says, “Here I am!” It’s just a fun game we play every night and she never tires of it. Kidorable products are naturally fun in the styles and design that it makes being a kid extra fun even with normal tasks such as drying off after bathtime. These towels are also perfect for the pool and beach!

Kidorable kid-size Frog Umbrella

I wish I was as happy as my kids when it rains. They always want to “help” me with the umbrella which means I’m hunched over while they hold the umbrella, in the end we are all wet. When I let them use one of my adult umbrellas, they can’t control it because it is so big so it ends up on the ground, and again we are wet.

Kidorable has a fun, extensive line of kid-size umbrellas. It is hard to choose from them all! Elijah was super excited to receive his Frog Umbrella. It fits him just right. He can control it much better than an adult-size umbrella and stays dry in the rain while looking completely adorable!

picture of Kidorable Frog Umbrella
Kidorable Frog Umbrella

Kidorable umbrellas are 100% nylon and especially made for kids in both size and styles. The price is just right too at just $13.50.

picture of Elijah under Kidorable Frog Umbrella
Elijah under Kidorable Frog Umbrella

More on Kidorable

Kidorable’s motto is transforming everyday, functional kids accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives during play. One look at their product line and you’ll see this motto in action!

Kidorable was developed when Liping and Jonathan Domsky declared that there needs to be apparel for children that is both functional and fun. The styles are fun and playful. Each style for boys and girls has matching products in about every category. Your kid could transform into a Space Hero, Butterfly Princess, Dinosaur, Cat, Fireman, Pirate, Zoo animals and more with any of the following products:

Kids Umbrellas, Rain Coats, Kids Raincoat Line, Kids Rain Boots, Kids Backpacks, Kids Towels, Kids Sun Hats, Embroidered Kids T-Shirts, Knit Hats, Kids Scarf Line, Knit Gloves, Kids Gloves and Mittens Line, Kids Hangers, and Kids Bookends

Kidorable Website

The Kidorable website is more than a product pages and a shopping cart! They do offer all of their amazing products on their website with free shipping on orders $100 and up. They also have great promotions on their website. If you need help picking out a gift for a child, use the easy Kidorable Gift Finder.  When you sign your kids up for their birthday club, they will receive a free gift and special offers.  Kidorable is giving you the opportunity to get a special code for a free umbrella when you follow them on Twitter.

Buy Kidorable Products

Kidorable products make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or anytime! On orders $100 or more, there is even free shipping!

Mermaid Rain BootsMermaid Rain Boots

Make a splash in these playful puddle magnets. Kidorable Mermaid Boots–guaranteed to be the cutest boots in your neighborhood. $29

Ladybug Towel

Our absorbent, soft cotton Ladybug Towels make lounging by the pool and beach, or drying off after a bath full of laughs, play and make believe. $33

Frog Umbrella

There’s no excuse not to be cute just because it’s raining. Where will your child’s imagination hop off to in Kidorable’s Frog Umbrella? Ribbit! $13.50

Win Kidorable Umbrella (Closed)

Kidorable is generously offering you a chance to win your choice of any Kidorable Umbrella. If you win, your kid will be wishing for RAIN!

Updated: 1/9/11 Winner Announced: Jennifer H

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kidorable who supplied the product for review and giveaway.

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  1. Gianna says:

    Congratulations! Your score is 5 out of 5. You are a gift buying genius. Your friends are lucky to know you.

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    “Congratulations! Your score is 5 out of 5. You are a gift buying genius. Your friends are lucky to know you”

  3. Pam Scott says:

    I scored a 5 out of 5 on the quiz. They have some super cute items. My girls have some character hooded towels which they love to us. The boots on their site are adorable. The Lucky Cat boots are really cute. Love the hot pink color.

  4. Cindy says:

    That’s ok, Heather! Now you know what kind of answers they were looking for, whether you believe it or not. lol That’s what I do too!

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    YaY got a 5 out of 5… ok So I cheated and that is the second time i took the quiz! got a 4/5 the first time!

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    got a 5 out of 5 on the quiz 🙂
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