KeySmart Keeps Keys Organized

Do you have a lot of keys on your key chain? I don’t have tons but I have more then a few and am always fumbling around with them.

My keys become a big bulky mess!

It’s irritating fishing for my keys  all the time.

Once I learned about KeySmart, I knew I could never go back to a standard key chain! KeySmart is the smarter, more stylish way to carry your keys.

See how compact my keys are now?
See how compact my keys are now?

I received product to facilitate this post.

Kick Start

KeySmart started with a Kickstarter campaign and was one of the most popular products ever launched. In it’s 1st 30 days of taking pre-orders, KeySmart sold over 10,000 units! They also raised $330,000 during their kickstarter campaign.  I think the masses let it be known that they wanted KeySmart.

It's as small as a pack of gum!
It’s as small as a pack of gum!

Created by Micheal Tunney, each KeySmart is made from light weight aircraft aluminum and stainless steel and smoothly CNC cut.These materials make it lightweight and durable.  Keysmart hand sands the edges so there is no snagging on your clothing or on anything in your purse.

How KeySmart arrives and how it looks disassembled.
How KeySmart arrives and how it looks disassembled.

KeySmart Is For More Than Just Keys

It has a loop so you can add it to a lanyard or attach your larger key fob. KeySmart also offers many accessories, USB drive, bottle opener, and more.  They also offer Airkey blanks, which are lighter weight then standard keys are are available in 11 trendy colors. KeySmart can be extended to hold up to 100 Keys!

Easy to Use

It took me only a few moments to remove my keys from my cluttered mass of keys and more. Take apart the KeySmart and put the keys in. Then re-assemble the Key Smart and go. I was surprised it was so easy!

Key Smart Expansion Kit

Own Your Own KeySmart

KeySmart is available in 7 colors and two lengths. The base model comes with enough space for 4 keys. If you need more then you can order expansion packs to hold anywhere from 2-50 keys. Order your own their website or below on Amazon.

This is not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you to KeySmart for providing the product to facilitate this post and the giveaway.

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