Pamper Yourself With Vitabath!

I love when I get a new body wash or fragrance spray, walking around my house with a fresh new scent makes me feel good about myself and adds a little pep to my step! Vitabath has amazing scents and with 3 pack bundles, you can easily match your scent to make it last throughout the day!

I love the freshness of Pineapple Sunset and the natural smell of Raspberry Vanilla Velvet.
I love the freshness of Pineapple Sunset and the natural smell of Raspberry Vanilla Velvet.

I received product to facilitate this post. 

Vitabath is Great For Your Skin

Vitabath is exactly what it sounds like…a vitamin bath! With each of their products you are bathing your body in a variety of vitamins, as well as a ton of great oils to make your skin moisturized and encourage healthy skin cell reproduction. There are no sulfates, parabens, or dyes and with a ton of antioxidants, Vitabath will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great without buildup on your skin.


I love to use the Pineapple Sunset Body Wash and Fragrance Mist for a day time scent. The citrus smell is invigorating and wakes me up. On the other hand the Raspberry Vanilla Velvet Body Wash is my favorite for a night time scent. It is relaxing and not overpowering like some scents with vanilla can be.

You can also purchase travel size Vitabath products in your favorite scent to take with you on the go! Vitabath is a great gift for any woman or teenage girl, they have both clear and cream body washes, with fun scents like Cupcake Couture Heavenly Coconut Creme.

Vitabath has done an amazing job at combining signature scents without having one ingredient overpower another.

Where Can I Get Vitabath Products?

You may have never seen Vitabath, and that is because their products are not currently available in stores, but you can purchase them online at and on Amazon.

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This is not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Vitabath for providing the product for this review.

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