Pokemon Petite Pals, Perfect Gift for Any Pokemon Lover!

We all know how things in life repeat with time, right? Well, I remember my brothers being obsessed with Pokemon well over 20 years ago, and now my kids are just as in love with Pokemon if not more! Kiernan even went as Ash last Halloween. So when TOMY reached out to us and asked if we would try out one of their newest Pokemon Sets, I couldn’t say no!

Petite Pals, Escape in the Forest Playset

Let’s start with the basics on our Petite Pals Playset, These sets are perfectly petite! They are recommended for ages 4 and up due to the small sizes, That being said Scarlett (2.5 yrs old.) plays great with this set! Supervised of course.  The Pokemon are smaller than a quarter, but are perfectly sized for Kiernan’s hands, he also loves the suction cup feature on the bottom of them and some of the accesories! I thought it was great that each set comes with more than one Pokemon so the kids can play together. The petite size also makes it great for on the go. We just toss the small pieces into a baggy and we are off!  Perfect for that holiday traveling!


Make It Your Own

I love the adorable designs of the Treehouse in this place set but really loved that the kids got to pick which stickers to use on the inside of the tree house and on the accesories. Kiernan loved being able to “interior design” his tree house.  The stickers were fairly easy to apply and haven’t pealed up at all, even with daily play!

What’s Included?

In addition to the sticker sheet, you get 14 accessory pieces. My Kids love that the drawers on the dresser actually pull out. The stairs can be used in two locations or removed. Almost all the other accessories have suction cups on them too. There is a piece that also acts as a storage spot for your Pokemon or small accessories.

Days Of Play

Kiernan and Scarlett have been enjoying our Pokemon Petite Pals Set every day! They are always coming up with new stories and ideas to keep up the excitement.  Also, there is an adorable little swing for the Pokemon and a little string lift manual elevator to bring packages and goodies up to the tree house! Our Pokemon even knock on the door when they visit!

Check out the elevator!

Where to Buy and A Giveaway

You can purchase your very own Pokemon Petite Pals sets from ToysRUS, Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, and Other specialty retailers!

We love our Pokemon Petite Pals set so much and are so excited that Tomy has agreed to let one of our lucky readers win one of their very own! Check out the rafflecopter below to enter!

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