Protect Girls’ Modesty with Over Undies – A Review

” I see London, I see France, I see Beth’s underpants!” I remember being ready to cry the first time a classmate sang that song as I climbed across the monkey bars in my favorite fluffy dress. I’m over 40 now, but that embarrassing moment from second grade still sticks with me.  I  also remember temporarily swearing off monkey bars, gymnastics, cartwheels and swings from the embarrassment of my Holly Hobby underwear being the laughing stock of recess, yet still being unwilling to give up my girly dresses.

Today’s girls have access to a great product, Over Undies, that allow girls to keep being active and wearing their favorite fluffy, twirly, girly skirts and dresses without fear of inadvertently overexposing themselves in the process.  Boy, do I wish these had been around in my day!

Over Undies – Lets Girls Be Active & Protects Their Modesty

Over Undies are slim fitting, longer length, shorts made to be worn under dresses or skirts, but over the child’s underwear.  They are designed to give girls full coverage, no bulkiness, and no riding up – features that are hard to achieve by just throwing on a pair of play shorts under your daughter’s skirt or dress.

Our Review of Over Undies

My girls are ages 4 and 9.  The four year old, Lila, has not yet achieved the finer points of knowing when her undies are exposed.  We’re still working on sitting like a lady when wearing a dress.  For my eldest, Alyssa, she wants to be active on the playground, loves doing gymnastics, and likes wearing skirts quite a bit.  As a mom, I want both of them to play hard, have fun, and not have to be worried about (or oblivious to) whether or not their undies are showing.  Over Undies give me security that my girls can play to their hearts content, without ending up embarrassed like I did.

Comfortable fitting Over Undies

The shorts fit great on both girls.  Right off the bat I love their slim fitting profile – no bulkiness from extra fabric that would make them uncomfortable to wear under skirts or dresses.  The style is really cute too.  Over Undies come in 4 different styles: Over Undies with lace trim, Over Undies with ruffled trim, Over Undies with a patterned ruffle trim, or Over Undies with no trim.  Lila could not resist the ruffled trim style in Soft Pink.  Alyssa opted for the Over Undies with no trim in Lively Turquoise.  Over Undies come in lots of great colors, and all Over Undies have a cute decorative mini pocket, and come packaged in a reusable cinch tote.

photo of child in over undies
Lila dancing in her Over Undies and sheer tutu

My girls find the Over Undies very comfortable.  We’ve even found other uses for the Over Undies than just play time.  Over Undies are great for dance class too!  They provide a nice amount of coverage, but are still form fitting so dance instructors can see proper body alignment, etc.  Lila also has some very sheer tutus that she loves wearing out and about, and with Over Undies, I’m OK with that.  Before Over Undies, a request to wear the sheer tutu to the grocery store was met with a “No can do,” now I can say “Sure, knock yourself out, dancer girl!”

My Over Undies Favorite Features

  • Slim fitting so no bulky look or feel
  • Tagless for comfort
  • Breathable 92 % cotton and 8% spandex jersey blend
  • Made in the USA
  • lots of color and trim choices

Buy Over Undies

Over Undies retail for $20.00, and can be purchased at Over Undies website, at boutiques nationwide, or on  You can also find Over Undies on Facebook.

Right now, Over Undies is having a Back to School sale, offering 10% off all regularly priced styles.  Use sale code 10SCHOOL11 to receive the discount.  Their printed ruffle style shorts are just $15.00 for a limited time.

Win Over Undies (Cl0sed)

Updated; 10-21-11 Winner Announced: Jennifer Tilson

Over Undies is giving away 1 pair of Over Undies (winner’s choice) to one lucky Akron Ohio reader.

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