How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba Wash Bag

How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba

Where do you wash your clothes while traveling? You can hope to find a laundromat or wash your clothing in a dirty sink – I’ve tried both and it is always stressful and gross. I’ve found a great solution with the Scrubba Wash Bag.

How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba

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How to Wash Clothing while Traveling

Scrubba is a portable, lightweight way to wash your clothing in a hygienic, effective way when a washing machine isn’t available. The Scrubba wash bag was constructed with backpackers in mind, it is also a solution for all sorts of  people and situations. It folds up small and weighs less than 5 oz, so you can take it anywhere!


The Scrubba is an effective way to clean clothing while on vacation, traveling for business, hiking, camping, cyclists, kayakers, and even students living dorm rooms or small apartments and people going on cruises. It is an excellent item to keep in your diaper bag for exploded diaper accidents that always happen when you are away from home!

With Scrubba, you have the freedom to wash your clothes wherever you are.

How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba

How to use Scrubba Wash Bag to Clean Clothes

  1. Fill Scrubba with .5-1.5 gallons of water, add your garment(s), and a small amount of washing liquid (detergent, body wash, shampoo, etc).
    How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba
  2. Seal Scrubba, roll down the top to expel air and close by clipping together.
    How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba
  3. Rub the Scrubba Wash bag for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba (The flexible internal washboard scrubs your clothes clean.)
    How to Wash Clothing while Traveling with Scrubba
  4. Rinse with clean water and hang to dry

Save money on airline fees

I can see many applications for my family to use Scrubba, especially during Summer travels and camping. We could have really used this last Summer on our 2-week trip out west. We packed a ridiculous amount of clothes!  Airlines are tightening down on luggage allotted per person and they charge more for extra weight. The only solution is to pack less and wash your clothes while traveling.

Travel longer, pack less

Imagine traveling for 4 months while in Africa to climb Mt Kilimanjaro! That’s exactly what Ash Newland, founder of Scrubba, the lightest ‘washing machine’ in the world was faced with. He knew he could only pack a couple changes of clothing but didn’t know how he could clean the clothing. He created Scrubba, using the effective washboard concept in a lightweight, portable design that uses little water.

Keep swimsuits clean

Scrubba will also come in handy on our multi-day waterpark and beach trips.  After a few sessions of swimming at the waterpark or beach and our suits always start to get a little musty smelling, even though I hang them to dry in the hotel room after each use. A quick scrub in the Scrubba and we will have clean swim suits every time.

Clean clothes while camping

It’ll also be a necessity during out camping trips this Summer.  If you’ve been camping, you know how messy (and smelly) things can quickly get after hiking and playing all day outdoors, exploring muddy creeks, swimming in the lake, and sweating.

It is no wonder why Shark Tank Australia and is named the lightest ‘washing machine’ in the world.

You can purchase a Scrubba Wash Bag for just $49.95 with FREE shipping in the USA. They also have a wash & dry kit and other products available on their website.

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