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A Bedtime Story to Read Over and Over and Over: Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventures

I that this story comes from the heart of the author. He made this [...]

Curious Kids Learn How Airplanes Fly in Pop-Pop Airplane!

Airplanes are amazing! As an adult, I still get excited to fly and don’t fully [...]

Great for Grades 1-2: I Can Read! Fiona the Hippo Books

Do you have a young reader? Pick up I Can Read! Fiona the Hippo Bos. [...]

Affirmation Must-Have Book for Young Kids: The Day God Made You by Rory Feek

When a friend or family member welcomes a new little one, I enjoy picking out [...]

Helping Kids Learn More About Animals With Books

My daughter s animals! She has all kinds of stuffed animals and she commonly hugs [...]

Summer Activity Books to Get Kids Off Screens – Kids & Tweens

Screen time is going to be a big issue for kids and tweens this summer. [...]

100 Things To Recycle & Make – Fun For Kids!

My daughter s making crafts. If it involves painting, gluing, coloring, cutting, stamping… she is [...]

Make Car Rides Fun With Audio Books For Kids

I to listen to audio bos. If I am doing chores around the house [...]

While Grandpa Naps …

While Grandpa Naps is a new children’s bo tackling the topic of families changing over [...]

My Preschooler Loves to Learn with Hot Dots Jr – Pete The Cat!

The Hot Dots Jr – Pete the Cat activity bos have been a huge hit [...]

An Unusual (& Fun) Alphabet Book: Owls Are Good At Keeping Secrets!

My daughter s her new alphabet bo called Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets. This [...]

Celebrate Disney with New Arts and Crafts

With Mickey Mouse turning 90 this year, I think it is no surprise that children [...]

Travel through Time with Star Passage

Kids ages 7-16 that stories about time travel with real historical events woven in [...]

Shatter Your Senses with Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses! is the latest in the series by [...]

Discover the Magic of Little Golden Books at Kohl’s

I grew up reading Little Golden Bos and so have my kids. I recall how [...]

Best Books for Young Birders

Your kids will have a field day with these bos on birds! My family s [...]