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Best Valentine’s Day: Fun Memories

Hands down, the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give anyone is time spent together [...]

20 Recipes Kids Should Know

Kids are not taking home economics at school like we did in school. If we [...]

New Family Volunteer Opportunity at ACCESS Shelter in Akron

It feels good to help. Every time my kids have the opportunity to volunteer, they [...]

8 Ways To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

Get kids to eat healthy? My kids? Most parents will laugh and laugh and laugh…or [...]

Jessie Steele 50’s Aprons Make Cooking & Entertaining Fun

If you visit my home, you’ll see me wearing an apron while in the kitchen. [...]

Easy Mother’s Day Recipes Dads and Kids Can Make! #LittleBitesMothersDay #LoveLittleBites

We all want to make mom feel special for Mother’s Day. Special treats for breakfast [...]

Egg Peeling Made Easy with The Negg

In our household eggs are a vital part of our mornings. I like to make [...]

Results of Our Technology-Free Inner Doughboy Family Time Challenge

My family was given the challenge to take a break from technology and spend some [...]

Fantastic Fun Family Time Activities for the Winter

Quality family time builds strong family ties, creates lasting memories, strengthens parent and child communications, [...]

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kid’s Educational Accomplishments

School is in full swing now which means plenty of homework and test grades are [...]

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with Curious Chef!

When I was young I was the oldest of 5 kids. Being the oldest and [...]

Girls’ Night In Slumber Party Book

any 9 year old girl, my daughter s slumber parties and sleepovers. To have [...]

Book Themed Cakes to Encourage Summer Reading

Make reading fun this Summer by baking a bo themed cakes as a reward! Below [...]

Cake Boss Wants to Bake with You!

There are so darn few shows that are appropriate to watch with our kids.  In [...]

Smart Cookies with Hampton Creek

Eating Smart has always been a part of my life. The busier life gets the [...]

How to Serve Your Family the Daily Recommended Serving of Vegetables

I listen to the family comedy station on Pandora and heard a funny je by [...]