3 Simple Ways to Save the Planet

3 Simple Ways to Save the Planet

Celebrate this planet we call home this Earth Day by protecting its health with these 3 simple ways that will also help you enjoy your own backyard more.

3 Simple Ways to Save the Planet

1.    Plant flowers for Pollinators

We need pollinators to keep our crops thriving, however honeybees and butterflies face increasing threats from development and agriculture. We can help on Earth Day – and every day by proving food for pollinators by planting a pot full of flowers … or a whole yard full! Choose the best pollinator flowers like liatris pictured below at gardeners.com.

3 Simple Ways to Save the Planet

2.    Provide Homes for Pollinators

Invite your new pollinator friends them to stay awhile by offering shelter from wind and rain. Check out this beautiful Woven Bamboo Butterfly House from Gardener’s Supply Company! It  sheds water while providing good ventilation for pollinators taking refuge. You can put it on bark or twigs for the butterflies to perch on.

Gardener’s Supply Company photo credit

Don’t be afraid to invite beneficial bees into your yard too by a home like the Mason Bee House for nesting. Female mason bees fill the bamboo tubes with their eggs, along with nectar and pollen for the young to eat. Mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as a thousand blooms a day — 20 times more than a honeybee.

3.   Turn Waste into Garden Gold

Don’t throw valuable garden gold in the landfill, vegetable scraps, leaves and lawn clippings can be transformed into FREE fertilizer with composting. Compost is amazing as it helps build healthy soil for means healthier, more productive plants. We’ve seen a huge difference since we started composting – and my kids enjoy helping with it too!

The easiest and most efficient way to compost your kitchen and garden scraps is to use a composter like this popular Deluxe Pyramid Composter that is made of earth-friendly, 100% recycled plastic and holds 12 cubic feet. Find free composting advice at gardeners.com.

Gardener’s Supply Company photo credit

Earth Day is April 22nd, plan now to make it the best with 3 simple ways to save the planet. Happy Earth Day!


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