3 Tips to Take Your Home Off Criminals’ Most Wanted List

Our homes are sacred and at the heart of our families. We fill our homes with memories and mementos of our love: objects, photographs, food, toys, pets, books, family heirlooms and trinkets from our travels. As parents we strive to create an oasis, a safe haven for our kids where they feel nurtured during their childhoods, and where they’ll feel a connection well into their adult lives.

The scary reality, however, is that homes are a common scene of many different crimes, from petty theft and burglary, to those more violent and heinous in nature. But just as in the majority of all crimes, homes are most often targeted because of the ease and speed with which criminals believe they will be able to accomplish their goals, without interference, and without being caught. Following these basic, simple strategies can help take your home off of a criminals most wanted list, and protect your family, and belongings, in the process.

3 Tips to Take Your Home off Criminals’ Most Wanted List

1.  Increase visibility and limit hiding places…

  • Install motion detecting light fixtures around the exterior of your home
  • Make sure all entry points are well lit and free from shrubbery
  • Put both interior and exterior lights on timers, so that lights come on as soon as it gets dark.

2.  Make access more difficult…

  • All entry doors should have deadbolt locks
  • Consider floor mounted, interior door stoppers
  • Place sturdy poles in the tracks of sliding doors
  • Keep all exterior doors locked at all times
  • Keep windows locked at night and when the house is empty
  • Secure home ladders with locks and chains, so they can’t be used for gaining access

3.  Add some non-criminal friendly touches

  • Dogs are great deterrents. Don’t have one? Place a large dog bowl and leash by the back door
  • Hang a “Beware of Dog” sign somewhere visible
  • Jingle bells on the handles of entry point doors will help alert you if the door is opened.


Guest post by self-defense expert Jarrett Arthur, highest ranking female Krav Maga black belt and producer of Don’t Mess With M.A.M.A. DVDmama

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