5 Foolproof Ways To Grow Herbs In Any Garden

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a green fingered gardening guru in order to have a thriving garden filled with your own produce.

You may have heard people talking about how much hard work gardening is, but as with anything, there are levels. If you have a huge house with acres of land, then gardening is going to be a tough job, but for a lot of us, that isn’t the case.

For those with a standard sized garden with small amounts of grass and large concrete patio areas, growing your own herbs is still easy and enjoyable.


[Image link source] [ 1 ] If you do your research first, then you shouldn’t have any trouble creating a herb garden that will provide you will enough herbs to enjoy with every meal. Decide what herbs you would like to grow and then spend a few minutes online looking at helpful sources such as HowtoCulinaryHerbGarden.com for some handy hints. Once you know the basics, there will be no stopping you.

[ 2 ] Creating a herb garden is a great project for children and adults.  Herbs grow quickly and easily. You can buy them from seeds or just buy young plants that already have roots. Plant them straight into moist soil and give them plenty of water. If your children are getting involved, make them feel extra special by buying them some gardening boots or kids gardening accessories to proudly work with!

[ 3 ] Grow your herbs entirely in pots. This is surprisingly possible. Herbs like Oregano, Thyme, Chives and Basil will thrive in pots outside your home. Place them around your patio area if you are short on space and they will soon start to thrive. Remember to water them regularly.

[ 4 ] Get creative with your herb growing and try to grow them in plastic trays or drinks bottles. This is an eco-friendly way to grow herbs and will show your children easy and safe ways to recycle their packaging after use.

You could even grow them indoors on a sunny window ledge so that your children can watch their efforts grow each morning.

[ 5 ] Grow your herbs in a communal area and share the experience with others. This is a great way to meet new people and encourage your family to have fun with other families with the same interest. Either find a communal garden area by searching online or create your own if you have access to a suitable piece of land.

Community gardens can also be used to grow vegetables and all manner of delicious and healthy treats. Ensure that you have good access to the water supply nearby, and a shed to store your tools and gardening equipment.

Take some time to learn about which herbs work best in your meals each day, and you will soon be a pro at, not only growing your own herbs, but cooking with them too! You can then begin expanding your knowledge by reading up on gardening and take things even further. Did you know that some flowers are also edible? The possibilities are endless.

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Becky Bowden
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