6 Ways to Stay Safe and Comfortable Working While Pregnant

It is a common practice in the United States for women to continue working while they are pregnant. As long as your profession doesn’t pose ill health to you or your growing fetus and you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, then working right up until your due date is perfectly okay.

However, it is important for you to take extra care of yourself while you are working so that you and baby remain safe and comfortable. Below are six easy ways to do just that.

6 Ways to Stay Safe and Comfortable Working While Pregnant

1) Wear supportive clothing

The seemingly simple act of wearing the right clothing throughout your pregnancy can drastically improve your comfort and safety. Don’t worry, long gone are the days of drab-looking, low support maternity clothing. Today, you can find stylish pregnancy leggings that support the belly while increasing blood flow so that sitting and being active is a breeze. You can also find flowy blouses and dresses that don’t restrict movement as well as supportive bras that promotes good posture while keeping everything in place.

2) Don’t overdo it

The mistake that many pregnant workers make is overdoing it with their workplace duties in an effort to not seem incapable. However, it is important to recognize if you are doing too much. If your duties include standing for long periods, constantly lifting or pushing heavy objects or being exposed to chemical substances then you need to take a step back and talk to your boss about your restrictions. No job is worth pregnancy complications.

3) Wear comfortable footwear

You can return to those flip flops and high heels after you give birth to your beautiful baby. In the meantime, the safest and most comfortable footwear to wear while your pregnant are flats and sneakers that are wide, slip resistant with great arch support and padded footbeds.

4) Invest in an ergonomic chair

If you have an office job that requires sitting for long periods then you should invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair that helps support your back and lumbar region as well as your buttocks and arms.

5) Eat healthy

It is an unfortunate fact that eating at the workplace is synonymous with unhealthy high processed foods. It is especially important to eat your healthiest while you are pregnant so that you and baby maintain your health. Therefore, you should make an effort to pack your own lunch with healthy options such as salads, nuts, dried fruit, lean meats and antioxidant-rich beverages.

6) Maintain emotional support

As beautiful as it is to be pregnant, the surplus of hormones and stresses can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing, therefore, it is important that you maintain emotional support during your work hours as well as on your downtime. There are many pregnancy support websites, blogs and apps that offer great support. Additionally, you should get in the habit of talking positively about your pregnancy with your co-workers instead of talking about all the negatives you may be experiencing.

Working while you are pregnant is obviously a great way to maintain income, however, staying in the workforce can also help keep you active and make the pregnancy go by faster. You just have to ensure that your duties don’t negatively affect you or baby’s comfort or safety.

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