7 Steps to Better Women’s Health During National Women’s Health Week

As moms, we tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves. I know that I take my kids to the doctor every time they are sick, meanwhile, I’ve had a problem with my ear popping for nearly two years and haven’t seen a specialist. Why do we take care of everyone else and neglect ourselves?

Sometimes we need a reminder that our health is just as important as everyone else. At the very least, the argument that if mom isn’t well, how can she take care of her kids? It’s true, we aren’t much use if we aren’t well – to our families or ourselves.

This week marks the 16th Annual National Women’s Health Week. It is the perfect time to evaluate our health and to put our health first – not last.

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7 Steps to Better Women’s Health

Will you commit to putting your health first? Try taking these simple 7 steps to be better health during the 16th Annual National Women’s Health Week.

  1. Sleep
    Most women need between 7-1/2 – 8 hours per night, but most get less. Sleep is vital for your health with benefits ranging from healthy brain function to emotional well-being to physical health to leaning to daytime performance, and safety. Most women need between 7-1/2 – 8 hours per night. Sleep affects your health as well as how you interact and get along with people around you.
  2.  Drink Water
    Most women should drink about 91 ounces of water a day, or 11 cups. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/wonders-of-water   The benefits of water are many including the ability to lose weight, regulate your body temperature, protects your spinal cord, prevents kidney disease, great looking skin, helps maintain normal bowel function, and even puts you in a better mood. Easy ways to add more water to your diet is to drink water with every meal or snack, keep water with you in your car or at work, or add slices of fruit in the water for flavor.
  3. Eat Healthy
    Take easy steps to eating healthier by adding more plants (blueberries, tomatoes, spinach are great to start with) and fish like salmon and trout to your diet.
  4. Exercise
    Even if you just get 30 minutes of exercise most days, you’ll be better off. This could be as simple was a 30 minute walk.
  5. Relax/Nap
    elaxing is a great way to reduce stress on your mind and body. It also slows your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, and can boost your confidence.
    Simple ways to relax is to enjoy a hobby, stretch, take a walk, stretch, read a book, visit a friend, napping, and just be present and slow down.
    There are many benefits of a 10- 20 minute nap. Just don’t take more than 30 minutes or you’ll wake up with sleep inertia – the feeling of grogginess. A quick nap can energize you, improve your mood, and can make you more productive and alert.
  6. Schedule an Annual Well-Visits
    Be pro-active with your health with an annual well visit to check for things like high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, and signs of diabetes.
    Don’t forget to schedule an annual well-woman visit too that includes a pelvic exam and/or breast exam. A well-woman visit is essential for easy detection of pelvic support conditions, fibroids, and cancers including ovarian, cervical, vaginal, skin, and breast cancer.
  7.  Commit to good oral health.
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7 steps to better women's health

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