7 Time Saving Skin Care and Beauty Regimen Tips for Busy Moms

As a working mom, there is very little time in the course of a day to put “real effort” into your skincare and beauty routines. From raising the kids to tending to the household and handling your responsibilities as an employee, you’re constantly on the go with little time to pamper or care for yourself as you should. Though time might be a commodity that you wish you had more of, that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to look and feel your best. That’s why we came up with a few time-saving skincare and beauty tips we’d like to pass along.

1.  Purchase products online

One of the most challenging things about maintaining a skin or beauty regimen is keeping up with all the products you need. Once you’ve found products that are proven to work, there’s no need to waste time by heading to the store. Whether you’re looking for a moisturizer or corrective items like a mole removal product, you can find a service provider online.

2.  Stick to Minimal Makeup

You don’t need a ton of makeup to look your best. In fact, less can actually be more. Choose a few makeup staples like foundation, lip gloss, and liner and stick with it. The less you have to apply, the more time you save.

3.  Use Dry Shampoo

Don’t have the time to jump in the shower and wash and rinse your hair? Dry shampoo can help save you time and money. Since you won’t need any water to wash it out, all you have to do is spray it onto your hair and then style your hair as usual.

4.  Use Stick-on Nail Polish

You don’t have to forgo changing up your nail polish and designs for fear you won’t have time. They now have products on the market such as stick on nail polish that makes getting your nails done a lot easier. Now you won’t have to waste your time trying to dry apply nail polish and wait for it to dry. You simply apply the nail decals cut them to your nail size and go.

5.  Purchase Dual-Purpose Products

Cut your beauty and skincare regimen time in half by purchasing products that have a dual purpose. For instance, purchasing a shampoo and conditioner combo would save you time when washing your hair. Or, investing in lotion with SPF will help keep your skin moisturized and protected from the sun without you having to apply two separate products.

6.  Choose a Practical Cut

Doing your hair every morning is bound to take a lot of time out of your day. Rather than having to primp and press your hair on a daily basis, it is a good idea to choose a style that is practical. For instance, a bob cut is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is wrap your hair at night and go. Another option might include putting your hair in braids which would minimize the amount of care needed. Short cuts are also practical and easy to manage.

7.  Stay Hydrated

While you may not have thought of hydration as something that would save you time on your skincare and beauty regimen, it really can. When you drink water, you flush your body of toxins and keep the skin and scalp moisturized. The more moisturized your skin and scalp are, the less time you have to spend on caring for it.

It is quite common for moms to sacrifice their own health and beauty needs to tend to the needs of others. While time is a commodity that we all wish we had more of, learning how to make the most of it is your best bet. If you’ve put off caring for yourself simply because you don’t have the time, these time saving options should certainly help you out. With all that you’re required to do as a mom, spouse, and career woman, you deserve to look and feel your best. As they say, don’t cheat yourself – treat yourself.

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