A Great Family Gift Idea: The Epson Moviemate 62 Projector – A Portable, Affordable Home Theater

Not to be stereotypical, but when it comes to men and their televisions, bigger is definitely better!   Am I right, or am I right?  So was the case with our family’s search for a better way to watch movies, sporting events, and tv about 5 years ago.  My husband wanted a large screen tv in the family room.  I quite prefer tvs that aren’t bigger than the rest of the furniture in the room!  We couldn’t come to an agreement.

Then we found the Epson Moviemate projector.  This portable DVD player/projector combo has been a fantastic purchase for us and is used on a regular basis.  Friday night is movie night in our house after all!  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to review one of the latest Moviemate models from Epson – The Epson Moviemate 62 Projector.

Epson Moviemate 62 Projector
Epson Moviemate 62 Projector

Epson Moviemate 62 Projector – Big Screen Movies, Music & Games Anytime, Anywhere

One of the coolest features of the Moviemate 62 projector is its amazing portability.  Everything you need for movie watching -DVD player, projection unit, and 10 watt Dolby speakers – is all in one lightweight unit which is about the size of a large shoebox!

A Shoebox Versus the Epson Moviemate 62 Projector
A Shoebox Versus the Epson Moviemate 62 Projector

We have used the Moviemate 62 in just about every room in our home, and even hosted “drive-in” movie nights for our friends on our garage door.  Our kids love to hook the Wii (it’s also compatible with Apple iPod, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3) up to the projector and play video games larger than life down in the basement playroom.  Just Dance, Wii Sports, and any fast-paced video games are even more fun to play when projected larger than life on a wall!

Epson Moviemate 62 Projects Wii Games Larger Than Life
Epson Moviemate 62 Projects Wii Games Larger Than Life

Epson Moviemate 62 Projector Video – My Girls Get Us Ready for Movie Night


Set up is so easy since the Moviemate contains everything you need.  Just plug it in to an outlet, insert the DVD, and it’s movie time on the big screen!  And by big screen, I mean BIG SCREEN!!!  The Moviemate 62 displays a 120 inch image from just 12 feet away!  With the Moviemate 62, you can watch movies, live TV, play video games, show a photo slideshow, or sing karaoke all with an image that is up to 12 times larger than a  40 inch widescreen TV!  That should please any big screen tv lover on the block!  🙂

Epson Moviemate 62 Projector – Our Review

Obviously, we’re big fans of the entire Epson Moviemate projector line.  The Moviemate 62 definitely has some upgrades over our older model.  One of our favorite upgrades is the picture quality.  The Moviemate 62 has 2000 lumens output for both color and white light.  If you’re a non-techy like me, what that means is vibrant, fantastic colors no matter what the lighting conditions when you’re watching a movie.  The unit also gives you the ability to adjust the color mode depending on the lighting in your surroundings, including an adjustment for playing games with high speed movement.

We also love that the Moviemate 62 can be hooked up to so many external devices: iPods, gaming systems, flash drives, microphones, MP3 players, even PCs or Macs.  For those of you that download movies from Netflix, Blockbuster, and the like to your computers, that means a pretty slick way to view movies as they should be – big, like at the theater!  It also has a HDMI input for connection to external hi-definition video sources.  Some of these devices require an additional adapter that doesn’t come with the Moviemate 62, but the point is, they can be connected.

The Moviemate 62 is also more portable than our first generation unit.  It weighs only 9.3 pounds, and even has a carrying handle and padded case.  It really can go anywhere you go!  My parents 50th Anniversary is next summer.  I’ve already got big plans to create a slideshow and bring the Moviemate 62 to share 50 years of family memories at the party we’ll be hosting for them – sure hope they’re not reading this!

Buy The Epson Moviemate 62 Projector – A Great Family Christmas Gift!

You can purchase the Moviemate 62 on Epson’s website for $599.99.  Epson’s website also includes a link to authorized resellers like Best Buy, Amazon.com, HH Gregg, and CompUSA to name a few.

You can also check out Epson’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Epson who provided the product for review.

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