Akron Ohio Moms.com Hits the Channel 5 Airways Again!

photo of Alyssa seeing herself on TV

A couple weeks ago, Cindy had the great opportunity to appear on Channel 5 News in an interview with Consumer Reporter, Jenn Strathmann.  Now it was my (and my girls’) turn!  On Friday, when the spot aired, my girls were jumping out of their skin with excitement.  I, on the other hand, was a little excited, and a lot nervous!  It was first time being on TV, let alone being interviewed.  But I have to say, Jenn Strathmann and her cameraman, Dave, made it pretty easy and informal.

Also causing me stress was that we filmed in my kitchen!  Yikes!  Talk about pressure to have it super clean!  The good news is, it all worked out well.  That is, all except our viewing the interview the night that it aired.  You see, our satelite dish decided to go on the fritz minutes before my spot aired.  We were running around the house trying to get one TV, any TV, to reboot and show our little segment!  Thankfully, my husband got our TV in our bedroom to work, just as our segment was airing…whew!  Only in our house!  LOL!

Here’s Alyssa’s expression when she saw herself on TV, chatting with Jenn Strathmann:

photo of Alyssa seeing herself on TV
Look Mom, I'm on TV!!!

What My Interview Was About

Jenn Strathmann had asked me to review two kitchen products for them:  The Salad Blaster ($3.99), and some food storage containers with silver nano technology ($19.99), touted to keep your produce fresher, longer.  I honestly hadn’t heard of silver nano before, so it was a learning experience for me too!

Check out the short video to see if we gave thumbs up, or thumbs down to each of the products – maybe they’re items you’ll want to add to your collection of kitchen gadgets!


Keep your  eyes peeled, as other AkronOhioMoms.com TV appearances are in the works!  Just doing our best to bring YOU the best!  :)

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