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picture of Kids watching themselves on WEWS 5

Tonight, my kids and I were on WEWS 5.  My kids were so excited to see themselves on TV. When explaining that they would be on TV tonight, Elizabeth was so confused. She didn’t know where she had to go to be on TV. I tried to explain that it was already recorded like when we make movies, but she still didn’t understand until she finally saw herself on TV. They were so excited. Elijah was a little disappointed that he wasn’t on TV more, but I explained to him that it was pretty cool, especially since he was swinging so high on his swingset.

picture of Kids watching themselves on WEWS 5
Kids watching themselves on WEWS 5

WEWS 5 Video

Daily Deal Sites I Like

I was talking with Jenn Strathman about daily deal sites and aggregators that keep them under control and saves you time.  Check out my AkronOhioMoms.com rhinestone Just Jen personalized shirt. Full review and Just Jen giveaway coming later this weekend!

My husband and I have used daily deal sites for years now. We have our favorite sites like Spoofee, Dealslist, SlickDeals. I also talked about MamaBargains.com, a deal aggregator that is everything for moms and kids. I reviewed MamaBargains.com recently and encourage you to check it out. Another one I like is DealMap because it gives you a map with icons of where the various deals are.

Read the full WEWS interview here.

As a teaser, let me just tell you that AkronOhioMoms.com will be launching a daily deals type page on the blog that will give you incredible deals on items we promote on the blog and local businesses as well. It’s going to be like no other! Stay tuned for details. :)

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