Are Self-Check-Out Lines on the way out?

I saw this today: Major grocer getting rid of self-checkout lanes a human interest story on MSNBC.  My first thought – are people stealing?

Not the case!  Pulling a quote from the article from Albertson’s (an out west grocery chain) Christine Wilcox: “We just want the opportunity to talk to customers more…That’s the driving motivation.”

So, we’re not interacting enough with the employees when going through Self Checkout lines.  Apparently this is a marketing requirement!?  Let’s just say sometimes I want to visit a check out line with a human being, and sometimes I don’t.

I like the ability to SKIP the trainee and to skip the slowest of checkout employees of them all (and once you get used to a store you can spot them – anybody remember that man at Lowe’s in 44333?!)

Then again, I don’t like being watched by that employee who sometimes sits in between all 4 self checkout lines- its not as much a helpful person, but a grocery hall monitor.

Then there’s coupons- (Oh, did you hear, as a result of the EXTREME COUPONING Show, many big stores are changing their policies?) You need a person for coupons, most of the time..

And sometimes, the machine talks to me more than an employee does…even if it is a mechanical voice…

Grocery stores in our area include Acme Fresh Market, Buehler’s, Giant Eagle, and Heinen’s.

Are you a self Check Out Artist? Comment Below…


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