Are You Financially Prepared for a Serious Illness or Injury?

Many of us assume we would be fine because we have medical insurance. Are you financially prepared for a serious illness or injury?  Many people aren’t aware of the out-of-pocket expenses and medical costs that can result from conditions like cancer, strokes, etc. There is a reason that that the #1 reason for bankruptcy is medical debt. Even with a major medical insurance, you could be paying $65,427 for a heart attack! That is enough to give anyone chest pains! There is hope and that is why I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. I received  a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Real Cost Calculator

Aflac has a new tool that can help you understand the true out-of-pocket expenses that you could face with their Real Cost Calculator.

The real cost calculator is easy to use with just 3 steps to customize the calculator to your family.  It allows you to have the knowledge so that you can be more financially prepared for a serious illness or injury. The Aflac Real Cost Calculator uses data from national public sources to show average costs of various medical conditions that could happen. For instance, $10,000 for  a broken leg, $11,744 for diabetes per year, or $10,000 per month for new cancer treatments. You can see what it would be like for serious conditions like cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, broken leg, as well as for common children conditions that can become very costly including pneumonia and asthma.

I entered my information and learned that if I got Breast Cancer, my family would have $71,885 in out-of-pocket expenses. We have a savings but it wouldn’t cover this! It has made me realize that even though we have medical insurance, having supplemental insurance looks like a smart idea.


With the Aflac Real Cost Calculator, you can learn about the kinds of expenses not covered by major medical insurance, out-of-pocket cost for things like follow-up appointments, deductibles, co-pays, and everyday household expenses that continue even when you are out of work – like mortgage, utilities, child care, car payments, etc. There are many unexpected expenses that Aflac would cover, including special travel arrangements, care giving, day care for the sick or injured, and other health care needs that continue while the person is sick and not working.

Aflac Supplemental Insurance as the Solution

You’ve seen the creative Aflac commercials on TV, but does it really sink in? Do you think you are invisible and would be ok? If you are an Aflac policyholder and get really sick or injured, Aflac pays you cash benefits fast – in about 4 business days! Aflac allows you to focus on getting better, not the financial stress your family is in.

The Aflac Real Cost Calculator is a way for you to be in control, by understanding, you are more prepared. With rising health care costs, it makes sense to be more prepared than ever.  Using Aflac as a supplemental insurance plan can pick up the expenses that your major medical insurance doesn’t.  By understanding what the possibilities are you, your family can be prepared and not be another bankruptcy static that happens because of medical debt.

Thankfully, my family hasn’t had any major illnesses or accidents. With 2 kids that are active and since my husband and I are aging, it is a concern.  With the scenario above, if we had Aflac, they would take care of an estimated over $17,000! That is amazing!


Our current insurance policy seems to cover less and less each year while the premiums go up. If we are required X-rays, it’s $300. That is for something simple. I would hate to know what it would cost if we had something serious happen. When my husband was having issues with his feet hurting, he went through a variety of x-rays, and doctor visits that quickly added up to over $700 in out-of-pocket expenses. In the end, he has plantar fasciitis that simple orthotics can help. We were surprised at how much our insurance didn’t cover. Thankfully they found out what was wrong before it added up to even more.

What would you do if you need physical therapy like the Aflac duck?

I called to get a quote on both Aflac cancer coverage  and Aflac accident coverage because I was curious.  Each policy gives you a few options for coverage from least to the most. For a family of 4 in OH cancer coverage was around $50 a month, kids can be added to an adult policy at no additional charge. I thought that was great!  For family coverage it ranges from around $50 to $90 for accident coverage in Ohio. What I really like is that there is no long-term commitment, it is month-to-month and you choose the start date! You can just have accident coverage over the summer if you’d like when your kids are home monkeying around more! You can get an Aflac quote online or by calling or  1-800-99-AFLAC.

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Are you financially prepared for a serious illness or injury?

After reading this, what do you think? Are you financially prepared for a serious illness or injury?  Do you have a personal experience you’d like to share? Could Aflac help your family?

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