5 Simple Tips for The Best at Home Manicure- Giveaway!

I don’t know about you ladies, but with 3 kids and Doug working crazy hours, I hardly have time to spend on myself. So when I do have some free time I love to paint my nails, it makes me feel put together and well, manicured! But it’s a messy job, so here’s how I get the best home Mani!

nail tools

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1.Remove Old Polish

The best start to a good manicure is the prep. Start with removing nail polish completely with remover. Wash well after removing polish and soak nails to soften cuticles.


My nails grow quickly so I tend to trim them short when I change my polish. Trim your nails to your desired length.  I  file my nails to a slightly rounded square, the coffin nail is on trend but not my style! Then gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick and time only what is raised. I some times get ridges so I like to buff the surface of my nails so they are smooth.

nail varnish3.Choose  a Polish

There are all sorts of polish options of there. Find a polish you love and roll it between your hands to mix with out creating air bubbles! I like a high quality polish that is smooth and gives a great coat!

4. Keep Your Skin Clean

I don’t know about you but no matter what I do I manage to paint my fingers …. not just the nails. 🙁  I mean a preschooler might do the exact same job. I have tried the old clean up after polish with q-tips and remover but then i end up taking off some of the polish from my nails. I just started using Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, not only does it keep my skin clear of polish it can be used to create designs and french tips!

liquid Palisade

5. Enjoy

Enjoying your manicure is the best part. Admire your hard work and be so glad that you didn’t spend 20 minutes trying to clean around you nails. Liquid Palisade by Kiesque is a life saver! It means I can relax and just let my nails dry.

Start to finish! Liquid Palisade, the painter's tape for nails!
Start to finish! Liquid Palisade, the painter’s tape for nails!

Wait, What is Liquid Palisade?

Liquid Palisade by Kiesque is being described as the painters tape of nail polish. I kid not. It’s AMAZING. Liquid Palisade is a natural liquid rubber latex that you paint around your nails to create a barrier against your nail polish. The above photo collage is the handy work on my Aunt’s nails. She loves how easy Liquid Palisade is to apply and how easy it is to peel off!


There’s More!

You can do more with Liquid Palisade!  With two different brush size options you can do all sorts of designs too!  I did a simple tip over my primary color. I love the spring freshness of mixing these two colors and how easy it was for me to do my own mini tip. I can now try an argyle, stripes, and all sorts of funky designs I couldn’t have before. And it’s so easy to use. Step 1 apply, Step 2 dry, Step 3 paint away, Step 4 peel of Liquid Palisade before your polish drys! Bam! You have a perfect at home manicure. FYI It works great on toes too! Kiesque’s Liquid Palisade it available at Sephora or on their website here!

Liquid Palisade


One of you our wonderful readers will win both of Kiesque’s Liquid Palisade wonderful nail barriers. One bottle of the Easy-Peel barrier (larger brush) and the French Manicure Easy-Peel (narrow brush). I know you will love them as much as I do!
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