b•lēve Natural Hair, Skin, and Body Care Products Review

If you have noticed, there is a new line of skin, hair and body care products at Giant Eagle called “b•lēve“. This newly launched line of products are made with natural ingredients and backed by science.  I have enjoyed reviewing a few from each line this past month.

b•lēve hair care

My daughter and I have been using the b•lēve hair care for the past month. We like it so much that I purchased another set for my daughter’s bathroom. We are using the b•voluptuous shampoo and b•voluptuous conditioner. They also have hair care for color treated and damaged hair that needs extra hydration.  If you are looking for natural hair care, b•lēve hair care is for you, they use natural ingredients like  olive, white tea & cactus to cleanse your hair and give it the healthy looking shine you desire.

The b•voluptuous gives great body to our hair, I can really tell with my daughter’s fine hair. It cleanses with lots of suds without using high levels of silicone like other hair care. I like it so much that I brought it with us on our beach vacation – the one place where you need all the extra hair care help that you can get!

b•lēve hair care
b•lēve hair care

The conditioner is amazing, it leaves our hair tangle free and manageable! The scent of both products are clean and fresh, without the typical “natural” scent that I find too “earthy”.

b•lēve skincare

I have been using b•lēve skincare for the past month. I use the b•luminous facial cleanser, b•vibrant rejuvenating day lotion and  b•awakened rejuvenating eye cream in the morning.  My face feels fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. The cleanser is a mild hypoallergenic cleanser that uses natural grape stem cell technology to clean and revitalize even sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and this product has moisturized and cleansed my skin so gently. I can really feel the moisturizers every time I clean my skin with this product, unlike others that dry my skin out.

picture of My daytime b•lēve skincare routine
My daytime b•lēve skincare routine

I use the b•vibrant rejuvenating day lotion every morning. I love that it has SPF 15 so my skin is always protected year-round since I am not one to remember sunscreen on sunny days, let alone other days!  I also like the anti-aging component of the lotion. This lotion is very light weight and refreshing, not heavy. It won’t clog pores. It uses natural grape stem cell technology to moisturize and protect your skin.

I use the b•awakened rejuvenating eye cream every morning. In my mid-30’s, I am experiencing fine lines around my eyes, I like that the b•awakened rejuvenating eye cream is a natural product that I can use around my eyes and fight the signs of aging. The cream is thicker than a lotion, so you only need a tiny bit.  Not only does it help reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles but it moisturizes the delicate skin around your eyes. This is a sensitive spot that needs extra attention. I have found this product easy to use and uplifting for my eyes – especially on the days that I didn’t get enough sleep the night before from burning the candle at both ends!

picture of My night time b•lēve skincare routine
My night time b•lēve skincare routine

For my nighttime routine, I use the  b•luminous facial cleanser and the b•restful rejuvenating night cream. The b•restful rejuvenating night cream has a whipped consistency and lighter than other night creams I have tried in the past. The anti-aging element gives your skin intense moisture over night to help firm up your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The natural grape stem cell technology is what gives this natural night cream it’s antioxidant power. It is paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

b•lēve bath & body care

I have enjoyed trying out the b•lēve bath & body care line.  I have gotten out of the habit of using body wash. It was a treat to try out the b-tranquil body wash. Not only does it leave my skin clean but also refreshed with the use of moisture bead technology.

 picture of b-tranquil body wash
b-tranquil body wash

What I liked most is that my skin feels so much more moisturized than when using soap. I like the fresh smell of safflower too. It uses the natural extract of safflower, glycerin, and vitamin E to nourish and condition the skin. Of course, it is paraben-free and hypoallergenic too. I totally feel like I’ve had a “spa-experience” every time I use this product.

The b-tranquil body lotion is a must-have for the upcoming fall and winter seasons in Ohio! I take care of my skin year-round with lotion. I like that this is a lotion that uses the natural extracts of cocoa butter, goji berry, and vitamin E to keep my skin moisturized for a long time. I don’t find myself reapplying time after time.

 picture of b-tranquil body lotion
b-tranquil body lotion

I keep it by my kitchen sink, if there is ever a place in the house that you can use a little extra ‘tranquility’, it is the kitchen! I just love the fresh scent and non-greasy feeling, and treat myself a few times a day.

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