Switch It Up with Miche Handbags

Do you ever wish you could just easily change purses with out having empty one bag and put everything in a new bag? What about how expensive purses get? I personally would rather spend less and have more options, but Miche Handbags give us a better option.

miche base bags
I received product to facilitate this post.

Build Your Own Custom Bag

Miche handbags are build your own handbags. You start by picking your base bag, you have 4 different bases to chose from and they have one available in brown or black. I chose the classic base which retails for $31.95. The size for me is a little small but great so I don’t carry more then I need.

miche caracas

Make it Yours

After you select your Miche handbag base, then it’s up to you to select a shell. They have a great variety of shells. I chose the Caracas shell. Which is great for all year long. It has a pop of color and I love the gunmetal rivets and hardware. It comes with matching handles, key fob and dustcover. Not all covers include the handles.

miche quick change

Need to Change?

Going to to dinner, need a different bag to match your outfit? No problem with Miche handbags, just simply pull off the shell and put matching one on. Head out the door because you are ready to go! The covers are held on with magnets.

Easy to remove cover.
Easy to remove cover.

Fun Facts About Miche

How do you say that name? MEE-CHEE!  How did Miche start? Well one day something that happens all the time happened, a spill on a handbag! An idea appeared what if you could just change the cover and not have to remove all your purse contents? So Miche bags was created.

I love this bag, I can fit just enough in it with out having to carry the world!
I love this bag, I can fit just enough in it with out having to carry the world!

Where to Order Miche?

You can order your own Miche bag on their website or you can host a party with your local Representative.

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