Easy Way to Get a Pregnancy Glow Without Pregnancy

Get pregnant glow

We’ve all heard of the pregnancy glow. It is the radiant look that expectant woman have – maybe it is physiological hormone changes  that cause glands to produce more oil that makes your face shiny or maybe it is the pure joy of knowing you are having a baby. Either way, pregnant women are beautiful. If you would like to continue that pregnant glow long after the pregnancy, reach for Belli Skincare.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Belli Skincare is specially formulated skincare for expectant women with handpicked ingredients that pamper the skin without unnecessary ingredients. In fact, all Belli Skincare is OB/GYN recommended and free of teratogens that are linked to birth defects and miscarriages!

I’m not expectant but love radiant skin. I’ve been able to check out Belli Skincare’s Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub and Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator this month. I have to tell you one comment I had that sold me on this product.

It was after a night’s rest of maybe 4 hours total of sleep. I went to pick up my son from a sleepover. I was exhausted and felt terrible however I got a compliment that I didn’t expect.

“Boy, don’t you look bright and cheery this morning? You look like you are glowing.”

Really? I felt awful but I took the compliment and ran!

I have noticed that my face is so smooth after using the Pre-Treatment scrub. It is an exfoliating scrub that sweeps away debris and dead skin, revealing soft, smooth skin.

Get pregnant glow
I also enjoy the Facial Hydrator because it is amazingly rich in moisturizing without being thick and heavy. In fact, it is quite light and refreshing with a citrus scent.

Get pregnant glow
If you are expectant or just want that healthy pregnant glow, check out Belli Skincare.

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