Wear 3D Printed Artificial Nails?

Yikes! 3D Printing is still kind of looking for a “Killer App” for consumers. Mostly its still geeks making trinkets, fancy impossible necklaces, and the like. That’s why ‘3D printer’ wasn’t really on anyone’s Christmas list in 2013.


But TheLaserGirls may have found what may be one of those killer apps – Fingernails. We’re talking mega texture, height, length, carving, and exotic styles.


These fingernails are sold via Shapeways. ShapeWays is a commercial 3D printer that will print whatever you want (have you seen my 3D logo prop for photos?) They also sell already designed items from designers.


I don’t have a pair of my own, and this is (surprise) NOT a review.. I just wanted to share this cool innovation.


Artificial Nails Market Expansion

Where do I think this could go? Well I think LaserGirls are going to have a hard time being the only ones making nails like these… Expect every holiday that comes by that might include a ‘night on the town’ to have fingernails ready to print:

  • Shamrock Nails
  • Easter Bunnies
  • Stars and Stripes Nails
  • Jack O Lanterns
  • Turkey Legs
  • Fall Leaves
  • Santa Hats
  • Snowflakes

If you feel like learning the free BLENDER tool to design in 3D, surely this is an open field. Good Luck!

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