Best Dog Beds that are Washable and Eco Friendly: PoochPlanet Review

picture of Sleepy dog on Pouch Planet Pet Bed

When we moved to our new home, my 5 year old was afraid to sleep in his bedroom. We allowed our fairly large dog to sleep in his room. Soon, our dog, Arnold started jumping up on my son’s bed.  Elijah wanted this and it made him sleep better in his new bedroom, so we allowed it and threw out his dog bed  (it was nasty old anyway!).  About 1/2 of Americans allow their pets to sleep with them.  People with allerigies or asthma shouldn’t allow this or even allow them in their bedroom.

This fall, Elijah’s allergies were awful, we tried everything. Then, we booted our dog out of his bedroom and added an air purifier.  This, with other measures gave Elijah relief and Arnold has since been banned from his bed and his bedroom. So, where should Arnold sleep? I made a makeshift bed of old pillows and old blankets until we found a dog bed.

Luckily for Arnold, we were introduced to PoochPlanet pet beds.

PoochPlanet Dream Catcher Pet Bed

So, are pet beds really necessary? Yes, there are many benefits of pet beds.

  1. It is cleaner to keep your pet in one spot for sleeping, keeping dog hair contained to one spot – it sure beats cleaning bed sheets and comforters twice a week too!!
  2. It is safer for pets to have their own bed instead of jumping up and down on human furniture.
  3. Keeps pets warmer in winter than sleeping on floor.
  4. Provides secure space for pets to rest.

The new PoochPlanet Dream Catcher pet bed is perfectly sized for medium to large dogs measuring in at 36″x24″x10″.

picture of Sleepy dog on Pouch Planet Pet Bed
Sleepy dog on Pouch Planet Pet Bed

He loves the scalloped walls to rest his tired head, but sometimes he likes to just curl up inside the bed to sleep – just like humans who like to curl up to sleep. This is one dreamy dog bed with overstuffed plush walls on all sides and a super comfty bottom cushion.

picture of Pouch Planet Dog Bed
PouchPlanet Dog Bed

Another huge selling point to the PouchPlanet Dream Catcher Pet Bed is that it is machine washable! And it fits in my regular size washer so I don’t have to make a special trip to the laundromat to use their large machine.

PoochPlante pet beds are also environmentally cautious, their  recycled fiberfill blend is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. By doing so, PoochPlanet will keep over 100,000,000, 16.9-oz plastic bottles from reaching landfills this year. Amazing, huh? Arnold’s Dream Catcher uses 79 16.9 oz plastic bottles in the Ecorest recycled fiber blend filling. Don’t worry, it is super soft after they process the recycled plastic by heating, cleaning, and converting it into thin fiber!

Back to Arnold and Elijah….

When we booted Arnold out of Elijah’s bed and bedroom, he wandered back often. He didn’t like my make-shift bed. With the new bed, he never tries to go into Elijah’s bedroom or bed. Arnold likes his new dog bed and can be found in it at night and often during the day for naps. He goes all the way upstairs to his dog bed, even during the day to take his naps. Yes, dogs need and enjoy having their own privacy and dog bed. Thank you, PoochPlanet!

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Don’t forget your dog or cat this Christmas! PoochPlanet offers a variety of pet beds for cats and dogs of all sizes!

You can buy Pouch Planet Pet Bed and other products at retailers nationwide and on Find your nearest retailer here. In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find PoochPlanet products at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Pouch Planet who supplied the products for review.

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