Best Place to Buy Outer Banks Souvenir T-shirt: Island Dye-It Yourself for Outer Banks Tie Dye

picture of 4 year old tie dying OBX shirt

Every vacation deserves a good souvenir tshirt. If you are vacationing in the Outer Banks, the best place for a souvenir tshirt is Island Dye-It Yourself. Why? Because not only will you receive a fun tie dye t-shirt but it is one of the best kids activities in Outer Banks, you and your kids get to actually make it yourself.

Island Dye It Yourself  Review: Outer Banks Tie Dye in Kill Devil Hills, NC

While vacationing in the Outer Banks, we were able to check out Island Dye It Yourself in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  My kids were very excited to make their own shirt. This is a great activity to get the kids out of the sun for a while and it is a very affordable Outer Banks things to do anytime of the day.

The shop has racks and racks and racks of Outer Banks tie dye shirts already made, as well as tie dye dresses, sweat shirts, tank tops, onesies, and more. This is great if you just want to buy an Outer Banks Tie Dye T-shirt (with or without the OBX logo) and it is also great to see what kind of tie dye designs you can make.

picture of Picking out a tie dye design at Tie Dye-It Yourself
Picking out a tie dye design at Tie Dye-It Yourself

Making our Outer Banks Tie Dye Shirts

Elijah wasn’t feeling well once we got to Island Dye It Yourself in Kill Devil Hills. My husband kept him outside in the Ford Explorer while Elizabeth and I did the shirts. I was disappointed that he was going to miss out on the fun but he did choose the pattern and the colors, so it was still unique to what he wanted.

The Island Dye It Yourself staff will assist you in teaching you how to tie dye your shirt. If you want, you can shape the t-shirt yourself to create your own design or they can do it for you based on the design you want.

picture of Creating the tie dye design
Creating the tie dye design

Next, we chose our colors. The staff was helpful in explaining which colors can be placed next to each other and the ones that cannot. Apparently, some colors will make the shirts turn brown. I wouldn’t have thought of that. With Elijah’s 5 colors, it was good to have this advice!

Next, we used sponge paint brushed to dab on the tie dye. It was super easy, Elizabeth, my 4 year old only needed a little direction and she tie dyed her own shirt. I did ok too. 😉

picture of 4 year old tie dying OBX shirt
4 year old tie dying OBX shirt
picture of Great kids activity in outer banks
Great kids activity in Outer Banks

Next, the staff flips your shirt over, keeping the pattern all in place. We painted the back of the shirt in the same colors.

picture of Tie Dyed Shirts at Tie Dye-It Yourself
Tie Dyed Shirts at Tie Dye-It Yourself

From here, you have 2 choices.

  1. Leave the shirt there, it will dry for 8 hours, then they will wash it 2 times and dry it 2 times. Pick it up 24 hours later.
  2. Take the shirt with you and follow the easy instructions to wash and dry it yourself. They wrap it in 3 layers of plastic wrap to protect the colors on the shirt and everything else it could come in contact with!

Picking up our Outer Banks Tie Dye T-shirts

We left the shirts there to pick up the next day. My kids really wanted their shirts and didn’t want to wait. The next morning, they asked when they could pick up their shirts. We were driving right past Island Dye-It Yourself on our way to Jennette’s Pier that morning and they were begging us to stop to pick up their Outer Banks tie dye shirts, they couldn’t wait to see them.  We had to wait until 24 hours, so that meant waiting until after our pier visit.

My kids were so excited to pick up their shirts that they put them on right in the store! They both really like them and wore them for the next 2 days in a row.

picture of Kids in new tie dye shirts from Tie Dye-It Yourself in OBX
Kids in new tie dye shirts from Tie Dye-It Yourself in OBX

Best Outer Banks Souvenir T-shirt

If you are going to buy your family Outer Banks souvenir t-shirts, the best place is at Island Dye-It Yourself. You will not only get a fantastic fun Outer Banks t-shirt, but it will be special because you made it yourself. Your kids will be bragging to everyone that they made their own shirt!

picture of Elijah feeding turtles in OBX tie dyed shirt
Elijah feeding turtles in OBX tie dyed shirt

Coming to the Outer Banks with the whole family or a group of friends? Make Island Dye-It Yourself a fun outing to make your own shirts together. If it is a large group, call ahead to reserve tables outside.

Now, if you are lucky enough to live in the Outer Banks, Island Dye It Yourself offers fun birthday parties. They will take all the supplies outside for your kid and friends to have a memorable birthday party.

Visit Island Dye-It Yourself in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Island Dye-It Yourself
1800 South Virgina Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, N.C. 27948

Island Dye-It Yourself Website
Island Dye-It Yourself on Facebook
Island Dye-It Yourself on Twitter

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Island Dye-It Yourself who provided the products for review.

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