My kids are the best explorers

picture of Elizabeth Swinging from Grapevine

It’s the beginning of Summer Break and I’m already wondering what we are going to do all summer. We have the kids signed up for VBS, soccer, ballet, and swim lessons but those don’t start until another few weeks…

Today, it started out rainy. We played tea party, dinosaurs, watched Underdog, colored and practiced writing. It was just one of those days where I felt bored and uninspired.

Time to go outside and explore

Lucky for us today, the rain cleared so we could go outside.

My kids love playing outside. Usually, it’s the Backyard Discovery Playset right away. However, with the rain comes a wet slide and swings, so we decided to head to the woods. Kids are great explorers,  take a trip to your local park with nothing on the agenda except to explore!

Elijah and Daddy built a fort over the weekend so it’s a very popular place right now. It has 2 sides made up of stick walls, the back is thick brush that we’ll eventually clear away in the yard, and it has a very flat floor. The kids like to smooth the floor of the fort out by breaking rocks on it. I have no idea how this works but they say it does. lol

picture of Backyard fort
Backyard fort

I love watching my kids explore and discover new things! The yard is my most favorite part of our new house, it was well worth the move. My kids, especially Elijah could spend 24/7 outside!

picture of Backyard Exploring
Backyard Exploring

There are plenty of trees that have fallen and need cleared away in the back. For now, they are adventure climbing posts or something like that. My husband cleared a path so we are not walking through the poison ivy but here we got off of the beaten path. Luckily we didn’t catch anything. We always come inside and shower with special scrubs right after our backyard exploring in the woods. Clearing out all of our portion of the woods is on the list but it’s just one portion of our Total House Remodel project.

picture of Backyard Lion
Backyard Lion

Elijah wanted to pretend to be a Lion hiding in the tall grass here. Isn’t he the cutest!?

picture of Elizabeth Sitting on Branch
Elizabeth Sitting on Branch

Elizabeth is happy sitting on a fallen tree branch and letting her feet dangle. I agree that it is a nice resting place. We’ve thought about cutting up some of the larger trees to make little benches for the yard, so she’ll like that.

Being George of the Jungle!

My kids love the movie, George of the Jungle. When we discovered grapevines hanging from some trees, they thought it was the greatest thing! I thought it was pretty neat too!

picture of Elijah on Grapevine
Elijah on Grapevine
picture of Elijah Swinging on the Grapevine!
Elijah Swinging on the Grapevine!
picture of Elizabeth on Grapevine
Elizabeth on Grapevine
picture of Elizabeth Swinging from Grapevine
Elizabeth Swinging from Grapevine

Video of Elizabeth Swinging on Grapevine

So, in the end, this was about the most perfect Summer Day with my kids. There’s something about being in nature that encourages kids to imagine, explore, and ask lots and lots of questions! It’s amazing what some fresh air and exercise can do for the kids and for mom!

Tell us about your perfect kids summer time activities!

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