Best way to sort socks: Sock Sacs

picture of Hanging Sock Sacs in Bathroom

One of my most dreaded chores is doing laundry. I don’t mind putting the clothes in the washer or even the dryer, it’s putting the clean laundry away. I’ll have every piece of clothing clean in the house and feel pretty good except that I have 2 heaping full baskets of laundry waiting to be put away. Of the laundry folding, I wait to sort the socks last, because it is time consuming and I just hate it.

Well, I’m not the only one that hates sorting socks. Cathy George is the founder of Sock Sacs.She created Sock Sacs to same time on her laundry sorting and thankfully she is letting us in on her invention! What are Sock Sacs? Sock Sacs are mess bags made from the same silicone coated material used in professional athletic jerseys that are made to hold your socks, wash socks in them, and dry the socks. From the moment your socks leave your feet to the time it’s time to put them back in the dresser, they never leave the bag.

picture of Sock Sacs
Sock Sacs

Best way to sort socks

Yep, Sock Sacs is the best way to sort socks. Sock Sacs will eliminate the question of “now where did the other sock go??” forever! Simply toss your socks in your own mess bag, wash them, dry them, and you are done.

picture of Toss dirty socks in the Sock Sac
Toss dirty socks in the Sock Sac

Nothing gets lost or confused with other family members’ socks. Choose a bag for each member of your family and save hours of your time of matching socks and searching for the missing socks.

Here’s another huge benefit of Sock Sacs. The #1 reason for washing machines needing repaired is because socks and other small items of clothing! That’s not a problem when they are all secured in a Sock Sac.

Hands on Review of Sock Sacs

I think Sock Sacs is a great idea. Getting my family trained to put their socks in the sac everyday is a challenge. However, it takes time for new habits to form. My kids are young so this is just something new we’ve added to the routine.

The Sock Sacs come with adhesive hooks that can be conveniently put on any bathroom, closet, or bedroom wall. I chose to add them to the towel bars in my kids’ bathroom since that is where they change their clothes.

picture of Hanging Sock Sacs in Bathroom
Hanging Sock Sacs in Bathroom

If you and your family have hampers in your bedroom, find a place to hang it in there or use the hooks provided.

picture of Sock Sac in Bedroom
Sock Sac in Bedroom

For winter, we all wear more dark color socks so our rule is to put all dark color socks in the Sock Sacs, the whites stay with the hamper. I think that once Summer hits, we’ll change the rule to white socks. I wish there was a way to wash darks and whites together but there’s not. I guess we could go the route of 1 sac for darks and 1 for whites. If we did that, I would also add the kids underwear to their whites bag. Since I wash all underwear in Hot water, I couldn’t do this with the bags for dark socks, even if GIJoe underwear are black! LOL

So, we are only on the first week of using Sock Sacs in our home. I’ve washed them one time and found the bags held up perfectly. Plus, it saves time sorting! When my kids are a little older, I’ll simply hand them their bag back and have them put the mated socks in the dresser.

Buy Sock Sacs

You can buy Sock Sacs on the Sock Sacs website for about $9.99 each or less when bought in larger quantities.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sock Sacs who provided the products for review.

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