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Pictures to me are like bottling my kids’ special moments in a jar of memories. With kids growing up too quickly, I like to open the jar every now and then and it never fails to make me smile.

Being the family photographer myself,  the pictures I have in my collection are often without me.  I was very ecstatic when my family was given the opportunity to have our family pictures taken by a professional Akron, Ohio area photographer, Charli Transue.

Who is Charli Transue?

Charli Transue. Photo is taken from Charli Transue Photography Website.
Charli Transue.
Photo is taken from Charli Transue Photography Website.

Charlie Transue is married to a Marine and a mom of two. Charli was born and raised in California, went to a school of photography in San Diego, then moved to Ohio to be closer to her husband’s side of family.

Her passion for photography had started at her young age. When Charli became a mom, this was when her love for photography and skills were fully maximized.  Just like many mothers out there, Charli loves capturing her children and family’s beautiful moments in photographs.

Charli started her photography business in Ohio in 2009.   She specializes in outdoor, studio and natural light photography and is very passionate about capturing life’s special moments in pictures.  In 2012, Charli Transue Photography proudly announced that it is now a member of the Highland Square Neighborhood Association.  Charli is very excited to work and help the Highland Square neighborhood to become a cultural landmark spot in Akron, Ohio.

Photo Session with Charli Transue Akron, Ohio Photographer

As much as I love studio photos, outdoor pictures are my favorite.  I love natural lights and pictures taken in nature, where kids being themselves not feeling pressured and often not knowing they are being photographed.

Another family photo with gorgeous natural lighting.Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.

I was so glad Charli agreed to meet us at our favorite park, Seiberling Nature Realm as location of our Akron, Ohio photo shoot.  I can’t say enough about how comfortable my family felt during the photo session.  It felt like we had known Charli for a long time.  Our photo session was filled with laughter, smiles, and joy just being around nature and having Charli as our photographer.

Charli was so flexible and patient during the photo shoot.  There are a few places in the park that we would love to get our pictures taken at. The places that my family often stop and spend time together during our leisure.  We wanted to capture the places and family moment into photographs.

Our Family Picture. I love the natural lighting (and yes, we *heart* NY,too).
Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.
My two year-old had no idea he was being photographed.
Don’t you love the catch light in his eyes! Charli is the expert of natural lighting.
Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.

Charli, being a mom herself, is also natural when it comes to dealing with little kids.  My son, J as an eight year old boy, it is not always easy having to pose and smile to a stranger.  However, J, clicked right away when he met Charli for the first time.  Up to now, he still remembers Miss Charli and her pink iPad.

My 8-year-old felt comfortable posing for Miss Charli.
Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.

My husband and I even had a photo taken of just the two of us. This is a rare picture in my collection.

A shot of me and my husband – this is a rare picture in my collection.
Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.

Last but not least, my headshot. I recommend Charli Transue Photography for Akron, Ohio headshots for professionals especially.

Last but not least, my headshot. Photo is courtesy of Charli Transue Photography.

Charli Transue – Totally Recommended Akron, Ohio Photographer!

If you are looking for a friendly and flexible family photographer in Akron, Ohio area to capture beautiful moments of your life, I totally recommend Charli Transue as my number one choice.  Having a newborn and would like to show off your little one’s pictures to your family? Needing holiday greeting cards with great pictures of your family?  Pregnancy pictures? Senior pictures?  Military pictures?  You name it.  Charli does it all in the Akron, Ohio and NE Ohio area.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience.  Thank you to Charli Transue who provided her time and photography skills and service for review.

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