Chocolate Flavored Kids Cold Medicine?!

Do your kids run from you when you try to give them cold medicine? You want to make them feel better from their miserable cough but they can’t get past the nasty medicine taste. I’ve wasted entire bottles of medicine because my kids refused to take it. That is one battle that isn’t worth fighting in my book. Why make your child feel even worse than they already do because of nasty tasting medicine?

I’ve never had my kids run from chocolate, have you? There is a new cough and cold medication with the taste of real chocolate because it includes 10% real cocoa.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Chocolate Flavored Kids Cold Medicine?!

Yes, you heard right. CHOCOLATE flavored kids cough medicine by Dr. Cocoa offers a rich, soothing, chocolate taste that kids love. hat a great idea to add real cocoa for flavor to already proven, trusted, and effective ingredients that are safe for kids.

Dr. Cocoa offers three varieties:

  • Daytime Cough & Cold Relief for cough and stuffy noses
  • Long-Acting Cough Relief for up to 8 hours of relief – perfect for school days
  • Nighttime Cough & Cold Relief for cough, stuffy and runny noses, and sneezing to help your child rest


I tested it out first, just to see how it taste.

My first reaction: Wow, it taste like chocolate syrup! Seriously, it is tasty.

When will they come out with an adult formula?! Dr. Cocoa is for ages 4-13 (except Nighttime is for ages 6-13). It tastes way better than any fruit flavored cold medication I’ve tried.

My kids aren’t sick presently, thankfully but I know they will much more willingly take Dr. Cocoa than other products. If you have a child that is picky with medicine flavors, give Dr. Cocoa a try this season.

Since it tastes so good, as with all medication, keep medication up and out of sight/reach of children. Explain to your child that it is still medication and that they would get sick if they had too much.

Check out the Dr. Cocoa website for a $4 off Dr. Cocoa coupon.

Connect with Dr. Cocoa on Facebook.

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