Cindy Orley is in Everyday with Rachel Ray December Issue

What is a blog for but to share personal news and excitement!? I’ve gotta share some exciting news. My picture is in the December/January issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray. It is the Pillsbury’s ad for their MyCrescentWow contest, but still, my recipe and picture is on page 21 and I’m so excited! 🙂  I’m also thrilled and in disbelief that I am still in 1st place for votes! Thank you everyone for voting for me, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of your support and votes. THANK YOU!

Cindy Orley in Everyday with Rachel Ray December Issue

I would really appreciate your continued votes in this Nationwide contest! Goto:

As a reminder, you can vote one time daily until December 31, 2010. Each time you vote for Cindy, you are entered to win the Pillsbury $5,000 sweepstakes!

How to vote for Cindy Orley to become America’s Favorite Crescent Cook:


Click on CINDY (the redhead), a check mark will appear. Then, fill out form below with your name, address, etc and hit Enter. If you do NOT fill out this information, your VOTE will NOT Count. Fill it out and hit enter.

Once you fill out the information the first time, you can login each day with your email address and password. Just be sure to click on Cindy Orley and hit Enter or the vote doesn’t count.

You can vote every day between now and December 31, 2010. Each time you vote, YOU are entered into a $5,000 contest!!

What will I do if I win?

I have had people ask what the prize for me would be and what I would do with it.  The prize for me is $5,000 if I win. What would I do with the prize money? I hope to win the $5,000 prize to put it toward the new kitchen remodel.

We moved into a 50 year old home with a 1/2 functioning kitchen with plans to remodel. We started with the kids bedrooms and my hope is to move downstairs to the kitchen next. My 50 year old kitchen is on it’s last wobbling leg. The appliances are about gone (the broken dishwasher isn’t even IN the kitchen), there are not enough cabinets for most of my dishes, cooking ware (1/2 are still packed), or food, and counter space is super limited. I have to use cutting boards on the sink for extra space.

Plus, the cabinet doors never close and I often hit my forehead on the one above the microwave. Without notice, it opens and if I don’t watch, which apparently I don’t, I slam my forehead on it. Seriously, I almost wrote a past last week entitled “Am I a huge Loser if I have the letter “L” imprinted in my forehead from a cabinet door?” because I did. lol

picture of Orley Kitchen
Orley Kitchen

So, I don’t mean to whine but that is where the prize money would go. I must say that I have an incredible husband who is a good provider for our family. He will remodel my kitchen regardless, however if I win the Pillsbury contest, that kitchen will get started much sooner.  🙂

Thanks again everyone for voting for me and my 2 recipes: Perfect Potato Pockets and Chocolate Cheesecake Bars!

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5 thoughts on “Cindy Orley is in Everyday with Rachel Ray December Issue

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you, Becky. It is all so exciting. I’ve gotta enjoy the excitement now because this fun won’t last forever! ha ha Thanks for voting, I hope you try the recipe. 🙂

  2. Becky Helber says:

    Way to go Cindy,your we site looks great! Congrads on your accompanishments! I just got done voiting for you again! Great recipe.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks, Marina! It’s so exciting to see my picture in such a cool magazine. My kids really think it is fun, and my niece who is 2 likes it too.

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