Have you ever been snubbed by a garden club? I have…

So I was walking with my children in a picturesque small town here in Summit County, and I came across a measly garden sale set up by a local gardening club.  The sale consisted of a picnic table full of plants.  Nice, but measly.

Now, you know from my posts so far this year that I LOVE to garden, and I love to get my husband to move dirt around (he loves it, really).  I think I’m pretty good at what I do once I get going, and have a green thumb.

With that in mind,  I inquired with one of the 4 ladies about the Gardening Club.  I was first asked if I lived in the same town,

“Yes I do”, I responded.

And then I was told “well, we like to keep our gardening club just to 40 members, so unless someone retires or moves, there are no openings.  We’ve ALWAYS done it that way.”

Must be an exclusive club!

So I’ve gathered from this information that my town’s gardening club is close knit, likely very old, and knows nothing about running a sale (I’ve sold $100s in plants and flowers dug up from my own yard at a couple of yard sales).  But yes, I feel snubbed.  Snobbery exists!  The old ladies are keeping me out of the club!!

Well old ladies, I’ve got a blog, and am letting everyone know I don’t want to be in your too little club.  I want my own garden club that feeds thousands out of the bounty of my gardens, that attracts onlookers galore, and that you can’t touch.

I suppose though, that age can do a lot to you and make you snobby, and closed to outsiders.  Remind me when I’m old to let young women into my garden club, or else they’ll use their instant “2045 A.D. version of a blog to make me into a snob.

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