Did my Daughter See a Vision of Heaven?

My 5 year old daughter has been sick for the past couple nights, with headaches and a fever. Last night, she was pretty hot at 101.7. That’s right about the point where I start to get nervous and want to bring her temperature down right away. I gave her Children’s Advil and a cool bath at midnight.

While I was putting her back to bed, she started saying she loves me. We always go back and forth with “I love you more” and then go on to explain how much. Kinda like the Guess How Much I Love Youbook. She goes on to say I love you 165,000 110 165 and three more and 165,000. (It’s the biggest # she can make up!)

Her latest thing is saying, “I’ll love you even in Heaven, even when you are in Heaven, and even when I am in Heaven.”

Last night, however, it got weird. She started telling me about a tree she was climbing to get to Heaven. I asked “What tree?” She went on to say the tree to get to Heaven, to walk around up high in Heaven with God and Jesus.

It was eery. 

She kept going on and on telling me she would love me in Heaven. Then, she started singing, “Away in a Manger” with hand motions and all.

I had to call for my husband. I was scared. Had she seen a vision? Was she talking out of her head because of her fever? I was crying at this point. Was she telling me goodbye? I felt like I was trying to memorize every word she said, like it was the last words she would speak.

We told Elizabeth that Heaven is a wonderful place but none of us were going there anytime soon. She said she knew.  Matt went on to ask her about the tree once I left. She explained that she was just saying that since Heaven was high up, she could climb a tree to try to see it.

Thankfully, she was OK last night. Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted so sensitively. Maybe I was overtired. I slept with her most of the night, to be sure. I really hate it when my kids are sick. I don’t know how parents handle serious illnesses in their children, my prayers are with them for the heartache they must constantly be under.

Last night, my daughter did not see a vision of Heaven, it was just my sweet, sweet girl telling me how much she loves me, even in Heaven. I love her so much and so happy she is ok.

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