Did you feel the Ohio Earthquake?

picture of Canada Earthquake Ohio Earthquake

Did you feel the earthquake today? There was a powerful earthquake in with a A 5.0-magnitude earthquake was reported in southern Ontario, Canada, at 1:41 p.m. Buildings in Toronto and Ottawa were evacuated.

The Ohio earthquake was recorded at 4:11pm, three miles into Lake Erie near North Perry, which is 40 miles east of Cleveland.  It send shockwaves throughout Ohio with a magnitude reported between 3.4- in NE Ohio. This marks the 10th earthquake in Ohio this year and the largest.  Even Cincinnati and Dayton felt it! There are reports from Michigan to western New York feeling the earthquake.

I didn’t feel it as we were driving in the car. My husband felt the earthquake in Akron, Ohio. He thought someone was behind him pushing his chair! If you felt the quake, report it at the Ohio Seismic website.

The National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Summit County, OH until 4:45pm. We just got home from the nasty weather where I could hardly see the roads – the flooded, branch filled roads!

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12 thoughts on “Did you feel the Ohio Earthquake?

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  2. Dorothy K. says:

    so glad that an earthquake here is like a novelty and ‘non-event’ and nobody gets hurt. I would hate to live where the mere mention of earthquake strikes panic!

  3. LeesaWho says:

    I moved to Columbus a year ago to get away from those pesky L.A. quakes. I didn’t feel it today, but apparently a lot of folks here in Columbus did. It was one of the lead stories on the news tonight.

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